How to Make Classic Savory Deviled Eggs | Appetizer Recipes |

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Whether you’re having a picnic, a family holiday, or just a snack, these classic deviled eggs are perfect! Get the recipe:

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Debra Charles says:

He is a gay boy I guess. Sad.

Reb Rey says:

Last year at a church dinner I grabbed an egg, with what I thought was sweet pickles in it. It was olives, I about vomited. FYI do not put olives in deviled eggs😲

tylerdurden118975 says:

…does Jeff paint his fingernails?…

Recipes with Resa says:

I'm a purist, egg, mayo, sprinkled with paprika. 😊

Stephen Raatz says:

I don't care for over cooked boiled eggs where the yoke turns green on the outside.

Samuel Arroyo says:

Mmmm I like eggs

Gregor Miller says:

A little surprised your eggs turned out so good. I've always read, start the eggs in cold water, esp if they just came out of the refer, so they cook more evenly,

Prakhya's Kitchen says:

Wow great 👍🏻

BMAH says:

Should be retitled to "classic savory dill'd eggs".

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