How To Make Creamy Cucumber Radish Salad

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This creamy Cucumber Radish Salad Recipe wins on all fronts. It has a crunchy crisp texture and is creamy good. This is one of our all-time favorite radish recipes!
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🍽Russian/Ukrainian Radish Salad & Dressing Ingredients:

1 English cucumber thinly sliced
2 bunches radishes trimmed and thinly sliced
1 bunch chives or green onion chopped
3/4 cup sour cream *
3/4 tsp sea salt or add to taste

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Natashas Kitchen says:

Do you love radishes? What is YOUR favorite way to eat them?

Fanzoba1 says:

I made it, this is amazing!

Anna Cheeks says:

First time making it, loooooove it!!

ariel bene says:

1:13 😶

Nataliya K says:

Salad of my childhood in Ukraine! You can use only cucumbers (add fresh dill), only radishes, only tomatoes, or mix cucumbers with radishes or with tomatoes (can use yellow onions instead of green onions).

Karo Chowning says:

i grew up eating this, or deconstructed with rye bread, and I was totally surprised when it was served with almost every meal the short time I got to visit Ukraine. TY for calling this Russian/Ukrainian in the description!!

Kenneth Thomas says:

Your salad looks very tasty

Braybray says:

This is the MOST whitest, white girl food i have ever seen…

GfromC says:

Just made it. It’s DELICIOUS 😋 I added a bit of broccoli sprouts and a few leaves of dill 😋😋😋😋 . Thanks again for the great recipe

GfromC says:

Natasha, I love your recipes and the way you are presentind them❤️. Very good job, thank you 🙏 I make sometimes sliced radishes with olive oil, salt and white vinegar

Moon says:

Love this salad too. You can buy it now at the Russian store, lol. I buy it without the sour cream I can't have dairy. Took me a while but i finally subscribed. =0)

519 Forestmonk says:

I just came home from my local farm to pick up my weekly CSA package. They gave me a ton of radishes. I will def make this. Probably add some dill and mayo :-)

jane patric says:

So good 😋

Nesli says:

I just made this tonight for the first time and it tasted so good!

Having Fits ! says:

What can I use if I do not have access to sour cream? Thank you:)

Nikky Paul says:

Perfect for spring time! Yum.

saiful46 says:

So I cheated a bit and used some leftover creme fraiche + Greek yogurt … and a pinch of onion and garlic powder … the final product didn’t last too long 😁

Phong Dang says:

Damn! This look good as fuck!

Bekah Luebkemann says:

if you add some finely chopped dill it would elevate it even more!

jcosk8 says:

"You won't believe how easy it is"… Who? Who on Earth would see that salad and not think it's quick and simple to make?

Maryam Sattar says:

Wow. 👍🏼👍🏼

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