How to Make Dashi (The Ultimate Dashi Guide) (Recipe) だしの種類と作り方 (レシピ)

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This is the ultimate guide to Dashi, Japanese soup stock. You’ll learn about the different types of dashi, the ingredients, and how each stock is used in Japanese cooking.

The Ultimate Dashi Guide & Written Recipes ▶

The Japanese soup stock is typically made from:

– Kombu (dried kelp)*
– Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes)
– Iriko or niboshi (dried anchovies/sardines)
– Shiitake (dried shiitake mushrooms)*
– OR a combination of all above or two (such as kombu + katsuobushi)
*vegetarian and vegan

Please read the blog post (link above) to learn about each type of dashi.

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How to Make Dashi (The Ultimate Dashi Guide) (Recipe) だしの種類と作り方 (レシピ)

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Luisthekilla 36 says:

With a lot of chit

Luisthekilla 36 says:

Put some chit with some more chit

Luisthekilla 36 says:

It’s just full of 💩

Siti Anindita Farhani says:

Hi! On konbu dashi recipe, what did you do to water that was used to soak konbu for hours? One that's in the water jug.. Domou.

Redwan Marashli says:

such a great job making the dashi and making the video simple and clean. I just hope if you can post places to buy ingredients online. Thank you!

Molotof says:

I just LOVE your website, discovered it a few days ago and I've already made Teriyaki salmon and Chashu
I wanted to know how to correctly make Awase Dashi to make some Ramen tomorrow, btw the Chashu look so good 🤤
Thanks a lot for making those very well detailed recipes and videos, I'm not really a good cook by love to cook and share what I make
With your really well made website full of good tips it seems so simple and it is, thank you so much

Ulrike Duke says:

This is so easy! Love it!!!!

Irene Soetomo says:

what can be made from kombu use (once used to make dashi)
Terimakasih (thanks)

Chu Balila says:

Hi, is it possible to let it boil a bit longer if i want thier flavors to infuse more in the wate?

Farahin Zulkifli says:

Thank you so much for this video !

atlantisitecrystal says:

Thank you so much!! now I can make my own dashi from scratch. I like kelp and fish flake. my favourite and I'm going to make Udon with my lovely donabe

Lisa Hinton says:

You know, not everyone has the same taste in music, Nami-san. The music ruins otherwise fabulous videos.

rijay 333 says:

love your channel and your recipes really helps me to cook japanese food

Wells says:

thank you for sharing lovely

Sunny Muguet says:

Hi Nami, thank you very much for such a clear and simple guide to making 1st dashi. I still need to follow up with more for what to do with the rest of the soaked ingredients, especially the kombu and katsuobushi, so more to do for me.
Greetings from Singapore.

Lennchen says:

How does expired shiitake-dashi smell like? I made some at evening on thursday. I used some yesterday and wanted to use the rest for today but it's scent got way stronger and I couldn't handle it. Is that bad??

Matheus Dauber dos Santos says:

Can I use fresh shitake to do the shitake dashi?

Wooster says:

Does msg-free dashi powder have just as good umami as regular dashi powder?

Yaskaha Saito says:

Thank you for your channel! It1s easy to understand and fun to watch. I´m a half japanese, half portuguese who lives in Dublin. Nice to meetyou.

Michael Wang says:

Hi JOC! Thanks for the recipe! Just wondering if you use niban dashi or ichiban dashi for miso soup? Or is that a matter of preference?

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