How to Make Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast

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Get the 5-star recipe @ Watch how to make a classic pot roast in the slow cooker. …

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Fallible Fiend says:

Do you have to cover the meat and vegetables with water? That is, should it
be 1 inch above the food? Will everything cook if it’s not under water?

Stace Mo says:

+Allrecipes my roast turned out perfect! 

ohiomommy330 says:

You don’t need to add ANY LIQUID of any kind to crockpot roast. The water
from the meat and veggies makes their own broth.

John Holmes says:

I tried this and I ended up with one giant tough hunk of meat. Not sure but
I think I put too much water in. The water level was just up to the top of
the meat. I cooked it from 2 am till 5pm the next day, It smelled great but
was very tough after 15 hours of cooking. If I’d have watched this first I
would have cut back on the water, but not sure if that was my problem.

thelostgirl101 says:

I plan on making a pot roast with a 2 lb boneless pork roast. How much beef
broth should i use? Also, does it matter if I place the veggies on top of
the meat or under it? I heard people do it both ways, wasn’t sure what the
difference is.

mysnellvilleblog says:

I always put the potatoes on the bottom. It keeps them from turning dingy
brown AND elevates the meat a bit.

Alina Salmani says:

I’ve made this and it’s amazing! 

marc dimaliwat says:

Can i use tenderloin?

Lexis Henry says:

Making this for Sunday Dinner…Followed the directions…I hope it tastes
good!! :)

Craig Bisset says:

What was the volume of water/broth used? 

dvrman says:

That could very well be the slowest I have ever witnessed carrots being

Michaels Flores says:

Awesome, thank you!

dee7 says:


frances abreu says:

This recipe looks so yummy, I have to try it. thanks for sharing!!

Earl Ledden says:

Why wouldn’t the carrots and potatoes be overcooked after that long a time
in the slow cooker?

lovenewhair35 says:

I’m trying this recipe tonight I’ll let you know how it goes thanks.. My
new crock pot….

michelle calling says:

I can almost smell it. Thank you.

danielle frank says:

that looks awesome

Ozma2086 says:

All great except the music…

Kingsley Molby says:

what times do i need to cook this for on low? as i’ll leave it when i go to

Calipali1 says:

I make this once a week, enough for dinner and my lunch the next day!

simonriddick says:

I was interested in just the slow cooked tenderloin but now I know what I
really want lol :). Seems so easy to make too.

lovenewhair35 says:

Thank you it was amazing merry Christmas

1justice2012 says:

This recipe looks great, usually don’t feel hungry watching recipes but
this one made me very hungry.

bertzchick224 says:

Hey my mom is always trying to cook beef in the crock pot and is he uses
water, salt, spices, barbeque sauce and a couple other things but it always
comes out dry, how would you rectify this? She always fills the marinade to
the top when the mean is in and lets it cook practically all day. I just
don’t understand…

Adlin Ling says:

Cool! I’m going to try this!

Nathan Moore says:

My mouth is watering. 

SquidGuy says:

I have two chuck roasts, 2.75 lbs. and 3.05 lbs…Is it alright to cook
both at the same time?

TheKawine91 says:

I would like to know how big is your slow cooker and where could I find it?
Thanks because I have one but I’m looking for a bigger one.

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