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The gluten-free banana bread has never tasted so good. In this video, we’ll show you how to make a grain-free banana bread using almond flour and chickpeas. The bread is sweetened with chopped dates and honey.

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Malika Meher says:

What is vagen?

smileychica202 says:

this woman's narration is so DEAD and unexpressive. i liked the old narrator. you could hear her enthusiasm and her smile in her voice. 

Mahsid Faheem says:

Can i substitute it with oat flour instead ?

Paula Busta says:

This recipe would be really good and healthy if this didn't had the butter

Sophie Wu says:

She talks to fast ! Not that i don't understand it but i would like if she can talk slowly 😉

Silvy says:

Ummm Yummy! 😀

Ann M says:

I'm going to try this bread. It looks interesting. And I've been searching for a good gluten free banana bread recipe. Thank you so much for

Khulood AL - Rawi says:

Awesome recipe ,we should give it a try . 

gsooo1 says:

This cake looked so delicious that I though not with any gluten problems still watched it…the dark colour crust looked like some icing!! But it was the baking..probably burnt! ! &when the ingredients were mentioned didn't look like I would want to make it (the flour part!!)..& this certainly needs some nuts..though it had almond meal..but few chopped would be grt! ! ..this might be a help for gluten free people..but not much for others!

WantedLover111 says:

I have the same name as the lady who submitted this recipe! 😀

allmyjm says:

I'd love to try this but the look of that cake is not too appetizing. 😔

GirlGeek723 says:

Nah…I don't like it that much…it felt like it needed something

Cute Addiction says:

They burnt it ;D

toughsuga2 says:

A mixer would have been better instead of that blender

kshyy says:

Is it bad that I think it looks burnt

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