How to make Japanese curry from scratch – Marion's Kitchen

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My guide on how to make Japanese curry from scratch, including how to make the Japanese curry roux and sauce.

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.

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Hannah Not a Banana says:

I’m not the only one who’s here because of pokemon yea?

Takahiro Kawaguchi says:

1. Need katakuriko to thicken the soup
2. It's not pickle ginger it has to be fukujin zuke (sweet radish pickles) or Rakkyo (sweet onion pickles)

Other than that looks good to me

vokimlong2112 says:

Okay, so first I think this recipe is flavorful and would be a blast to eat, but honestly, I don't think this gonna taste remotely Japanese. The special taste of Japanese curry comes from one secret ingredient, caramelized Onions. Basically, in most of the Japanese Curry recipe that I know, the first thing they're going to do is to slide and a shit ton of onions and tosh them to the pan, add a little of salt and oils then slowly fry and stir them on low heat until the whole thing turn into a brown mixture of caramelized onions, that's when you would put in the curry powder and other ingredients, usually no apple juice.

Fenny Lopez says:

Omgg so simple!!!!! Woooooow

Raine Lugia says:

What is chili powder exactly? In Canada it doesn’t taste spicy at all and I wouldn’t use it in Asian style cooking.
is your version crushed up chili flakes? Kind of like cayenne pepper?


Robert Beurkens says:

The camera work and music is awesome. Your voice is very soothing too. Oh yeah, the food looks bomb! Great video!

KT Al says:

I don't know how this is japanese when it has garam masala and curry powder .It should be called Japanese-indian .And just fyi u should atleast mention the ingredients in curry powder as they vary from home to home

Aloo Gobinder says:

Ok am a little confused, how is this called making from scratch if u are using the Japanese curry powder?
So why not just use the block, it’s essentially the same thing.
This isnt from scratch u just used the powdered form instead of the curry block.

emahyeswater ahdelicious says:

Adding some much smaller chunks or a bit of finely diced potato helps to thicken the curry

koba tetu says:


Cherrisha Shetty says:

When she put garam masala in there, my indian self was just confused because this was supposed to be japanese

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