How To Make Persimmon Cookies-Baking-Cookie Recipes

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Persimmon Cookie Recipe available @ How To Make Persimmon Cookies-Persimmon Bread-Dried Persimmons

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gary schraa says:

wow thank you Mrs. basil leaf . I'm 54 , I don't bake really (except for Dutch olie bollen during Christmas) I do do dinners for me and my wife . but now I've got all these persimmons givin to me , so what the heck . with that all said I have to say I am so glad to have picked your tutorial . it was fun and I really like you and this video thank you .

Doodah Gurl says:

OMG, don't tell me you have your own persimmon tree!  My family would kill to have a few of those trees in our backyard.  We just bought like 50 lbs of it at the store th other day…believe me, it will only last a week at our house.  LOL!  I would have never thought to use them in cookies.  Thanks for sharing such a great recipe for one of the best fruits to grace this planet.  LOL

Jessica Ta says:

em mê quả hồng lắm. mùa hè tới, em cg muốn trồng cây hồng bhuw chị.

s00872199 says:

You are welcome :)

s00872199 says:

I love your videos. Please keep doing them!! :)

s00872199 says:

Very good job!!!

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