How to Make Pie Dough & Crust | Bake It Up a Notch with Erin McDowell

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Welcome to part one of our four-part “Bake It Up a Notch” pie spectacular—celebrating the release of Erin’s new cookbook, The Book on Pie. This #bakingtutorial is all about pie dough and crust: the equipment, ingredients, techniques, and where things could go wrong. Be sure to share what you bake from this episode using #bakeitupanotch. Happy baking!


All Buttah Pie Dough ►►
Cider Caramel Apple Pie ►►
Cherry Galette ►►
Basic Nut Pie Crust ►►
Phyllo Pie Crust ►►
Meringue Pie Crust ►►

0:00 – Pie spectacular intro
2:01 – Open up your toolkit
9:23 – Ingredients
15:24 – All about butter
19:52 – Get into the mix
35:38 – Time to chill
35:58 – You’re on a roll
44:59 – Ready the crust
53:12 – PSA: Don’t forget to save the scraps
55:12 – Crimp, your style
1:00:00 – Parbaking & blind baking
1:08:51 – Other crusts we love (for when pie dough seems too tricky)
1:11:22 – Mistakes happen


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LoserDestiny says:

Should have called the book "The Life of Pie"

Hol's Kitchen says:

Reminder to remove all rings, watches, bracelets, etc. before baking or cooking. #Hygiene

TheFlexon says:

It's kind of crazy that this information is free… wow! Thank you so much.

jan kesler says:

What flour is your favorite for pie crust

Mike says:

Pie is my major pain point and this video will be very helpful. My last attempt the edge of the pie (single pie crust) was great. It was flakey and delicious. I blind baked it for a lemon meringue pie. Unfortunately the bottom of the pie was tough and chewy. I did let it cool before adding cooled lemon filling. Also do you recommend one type of pie plate over another? i.e. glass, ceramic, metal?

Meggie Bouchard Bergevin says:

I did the Super flaky dough right after watching this. I was feeling in full control of the steps and it came out phenomenal! Made a spinach salmon pie and I'm still in awe with the flakiness of this dough. Thank you! This video is gold.

L L says:

So well done. She makes me wanna bake a pie now. I am buying a 9” glass pie dish today. 👏

ismael garcia says:

Hola FOOD52
me encantaron los videos de Erin Mcdowell pero para comprenderlos en su totalidad, los podrian subtitular al español tambien???
Mi inglés no es muy bueno

Jo Bennett says:

Okay. Here's my situation. Last week I made a double crust (of course) apple pie. I prepared the filling and placed it in the bottom crust (unparbaked) and placed the top crust. I baked it 50 minutes. As you mentioned, the filling shrank away leaving a void under the top crust, which held its shape. However, the bottom crust was NOT crisp at all. And the filling was NOT sweet and yummy at all. It was a LOT of work and a big mess. Makes me want to give up. Again. But I love to cook and bake. I have a dear friend who prefers PIE to CAKE (go figure), and I would like to deliver a delicious pie to her. Encourage me.

PS SInce the pandemic started, I try to bake a cake every week. Just in case I have company! Plus I love the idea, the feeling of having a cake (or a pie or cookies or brownies) in the kitchen at all times. Is this crazy?

Jo Bennett says:

I can't believe you call this easy. I find pie dough a real challenge. That's why I'm willing to watch a one hour+ video. You have such a gift. Thanks for sharing with us.

Barbara Stadler says:

'The finest ingredient is the baker's skill.' This statement was bannered across every sack of flour that came through the back door of the bakery I worked at for years. Erin, you are skillful.

KimchiKnight says:

God bless you, I'm so excited to give this a try!!

my email says:


Julie B says:

WOW, so many amazing tip. LOVED this video. Such an amazing explanations.

Loulla Oin says:

I tend to is 1/2 butter and 1/2 crisco when making pie crust

Bake Grains Of Hope says:

Thank you so much for these educational, informative, incredible baking sessions. I’ve learned so much after watching just 2 and I’m hooked. I have 1 question that has not been included in Erin’s ocean of information: I love to bake in my ceramic pie dish too, just as Erin, and I want to follow her instruction to chill my pie at 3 stages, but for the last chilling step after filling and crimping right before baking, I’m afraid my ceramic pie dish would crack if it goes directly from the cold fridge to a blazing hot oven. Common sense tells me I should sit my ceramic dish with my beautiful crimped pie at room temperature before putting it in the preheated oven so the sudden change of temperature won’t break my pie dish; but I’m wondering if sitting the pie at room temperature will defeat the purpose of chilling it in the first place. Please educate me further Erin. Love your humor, skills and knowledge. Thanks so much.

juntao kao says:

I tell you my secrets about my house while your video is broadcasting my wife coming to watching attentively but I noticed at the language what you explained with your elegant words mostly due to I'm an English learner for over decades, very helpful and very attractive so that I always thumb up first when I click the video on👍

supercoolstephanie says:

I can never find these other videos that aren't linked. I looked everywhere for the par baking video. 😭😭😭 @erinmcdowell

linda luersen says:

Erin McDowell you are amazing! I just found your YouTube channel and I’ve been glued to my phone. I love your passion , your smile lights up the room!! The information you share and how you teach what you love is impressive. Loved the biscuit making with your Dad video ! Thank you, best classes I’ve ever been to.

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