How to Make REAL Japanese Beef Curry from Scratch | Japanese Recipes

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Japanese curry is very different to most curries you might be familiar with. It takes a bit of French sauce technique and Japanese stewing technique and combines it for a unique style of curry.

Curry was introduced to Japan by the British navy which usually had canned curries for ocean voyages, and today Japanese curry in Japan is mainly from packaged curry roux blocks. If you want to make it from scratch, this is how you do it.

Full recipe:

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Rapitor says:

This guy is the good eats of asian food

Abbas Kazmi says:

What type of soy sauce should be used here (light or dark?)

bhutheman Akuma says:

Wow that's a different way of making curry. And it looks delicious. Almost like Louisiana thickener

Andrew Rasmussen says:

So the Japanese curry slabs I've been buying all these years are basically a rue with curry powder? facepalm Thank you so much for passing on your wisdom Adam!

Kate Meinhardt says:

Did you put the apple in? If so, when?

Kapil Chakraborty says:

Adam, love your videos buddy, but you gotta stop with those out of focus close up shots.

Paul von Tarsus says:

Never saw that cutting technique before. Cool.

Aall Pprr says:

Are this the ingredients for 10 people??? I made it and i have so much stew now ahahha but it tastes great better than the indian

Nils Jäger says:

this is so well produced. The camera, the lighting these smooth cuts.It`s just so pleasing to watch you cook

connosaurus says:

So it's a curry flavoured Velouté with stewed beef and vegetables.

High Risk says:

You make some of the best youtube cooking videos. Keep it up.

Aqua Juwel says:

I made this today, it was insanely good…I did not find that sort of mushrooms here in Norway , but I used another sort, and it worked fine. So nice and tender, definitely going to make this more! Thanks…

Mellow says:

I like ordering Japanese curry because i can eat it with a spoon

satoshiketchump says:

I've made Curry rice before but it never came out very good. The process of making a spiced roux separately, adding to veggies later, trying not to cause any lumps while stirring carefully. Then your recipe just blew me away. Making a roux first and the adding the vegetables to that pot was an embarrassing realisation, as it's the exact same thing I would've done with my traditional curries. Used a little pepper and chilly powder to to make it spicy as well as stock cubes instead of fresh stock. The gravy was on the runny side, but still full of flavor, not at all watered down. I did not have meat on hand so it was vegetable curry in chicken stock, but boy was it delicious. It kept in the fridge for a week and the taste kept on getting better each time.

Daemyno says:

You earned yourself a new subscriber just by your smile and the passion I can see in your face while talking :)

rockattack says:

Funny. The end result is so similar to Indonesian beef rendang dry curry with rice and a side of atjar (acar) pickles

Elden Tales says:

It’s so hard to make perfect rice!!!! 😭😭😭😭

ramathorn1982 says:

My family uses pork steaks for this…

josh thomson says:

Got to say I didn't know of that way of cooking a curry so I now want to experiment and make my own

Brian Hippern says:

this is genuinely one of the best cooking videos I've ever seen, this guy is the real deal

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