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Watch how to use your slow cooker to make mac and cheese! We’ll cook the noodles first until al dente and then stir in the cheese, milk, and a few eggs. Three hours in the slow cooker and you’ve got a cheesy, creamy, and oh-so-delicious dinner!

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Bexy Evans says:

I would eat it as it is without any sides.

Charlot123 says:

Looks delicious. What could I replace the cheese soup with because it's not sold in Québec😑

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Looks good!

1 yusaku says:

what the benifit of using slow cooker?jesus its mac and cheese

Mochammad Shandy Tsalasa Putra says:

Allrecipes for new recipes "same same same, but different, but still same"

YourAdoringFan says:

I don't think you put enough cheese on it.

Nancy Rahif says:

What's the point of slow cooking? Just do all the steps in a pot on the stove top, transfer to a baking dish and throw in the oven for 30 minutes.

GirlGeek723 says:

Why not make a roux instead of adding all that extra stuff?

pkmnan00bis says:

… I cannot think of any situation where this would be practical. o-o

It is 95% done as soon as you mixed everything together, and the cook time is too low to just set it and forget it. Just add it back to the pot and cook it a little more. Like five minutes tops.

suztheultimateq2011 says:

sodium overload and mushy pasta is not a good thing.

Hungover in high heels says:

Stop getting rid of the narrator

Richard Mason says:

When I saw this I thought "who on earth makes cheese soup?" and then I remembered the video was American.

summer&sunshine says:

Cool music!!!

David Ostlund says:

condensed cheddar cheese soup? really? get bent!

kooky216 says:

needs more cheese

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