How to make the best vegetarian chili of your life

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Get the recipe for this incredible chili:

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Dried chilies (highly recommend this brand!):
Spice grinder:
Souper cubes:
Dutch oven:
Cast iron skillet:
Knives: (get $5 off using code “nisha”)


Instant Pot 6 quart:
Food Processor:
Vitamix blender:
Vitamix 64-ounce container:
Stainless steel frying pan:
Nonstick frying pan:
Large Cutting Board:

All Other Kitchen Equipment:
Film & Photography Equipment:
00:00 Introduction
00:29 Most vegetarian chili recipes are bad
00:49 Homemade chili powder is key
02:24 Sautéing the aromatics
03:35 Blooming the spices
03:57 Deglazing the pan
04:36 Adding the remaining ingredients
06:17 Simmering the chili
06:54 Finishing the chili
08:45 Meeting our chili expert
09:46 Chili taste test

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Rainbow Plant Life says:

Recipe is here!

PS: We used the term “vegetarian chili” since that’s what most people search for when looking for a bean/no-meat chili, but rest assured, this recipe (like all my recipes) is also vegan!

Johnny Bravo says:

Vegetarian chilli is like Pamela Anderson with no bewbs

BB Rosser says:

After watching and learning many new vegan cooking methods from you, I'm excited! Next I need to make a special Rainbow Plant Life grocery list. After enjoying a not always tasty vegan diet over 10 years– I'm excited about beginning again. So, thank you!

philomelodia says:

She’s gorgeous. I’d “fight” her any day. 😜 😆

Mike Morgan says:

This sounds yummy! I added some dead Pigs and Cows and it came out Perfecta-mundo!

Legend of Borg says:

As a non-US resident I'm not sure where I'm gonna find some of these ingredients. I mean don't get me wrong the recipe looks really good it's just that I ain't gonna be buying 3 types of Mexican peppers or Mexican oregano anytime soon.

Sweetness says:

This gives me an excuse to buy red wine. 🙃

Michael Ham says:

I really like the sound of this recipe. My own vegetarian chili uses some but not all of the ideas. However, I prefer to use a square (or two, depending on the amount of chili I'm making) of unsweetened baking chocolate to cocoa powder, and I also add 1-2 packets of instant Starbuck Colombian coffee or 2-3 teaspoons of Turkish grind (very fine) regular coffee – Illy is a favorite. I like the idea of thickening with masa harina; in the past I've used fine-grind cornmeal, but masa harina sounds better (smoother). I would use red onions rather than white — or at least yellow onions — for their greater nutritional value. And I would cook dried beans, probably black beans and dark-red kidney beans (which I like). I would not use garlic powder, but rather use fresh garlic in the chili. I'm not so sure about onion powder, either. But on the whole, the recipe looks great — and you've motivated me to get a new spice grinder.

Coops says:

Vegetarian chilli🤭

Don Megalon says:

are you single 😎

Naml07 says:

Is there an alternative for the wine? Some of us cant consume alcohol, that's why…

Nigel Wiseman says:

Fuck! Love this recipe

montmn says:

This lady is gorgeous. 😍

Cynthia Mauck says:

Oh, way too many ingredients. I couldn't possibly afford that, being retired and only on SS.

Steve- O says:

Literally making this chili as we speak !! Omg it’s smells soooo goooood!!
I did add the beyond meat so I might have to add a bit more vegetable broth since it’s getting consumed much faster

Jon Gray says:

Looks like you use enough cumin to heat a small city!

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