How to sharpen a knife by Master chef l Chinese food 101

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Master chef John Zhang demonstrates how to correctly sharpen your knife safely, so then you never need to use a dull knife.

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Traditionally, Chinese cooks use a single cleaver shaped knife for every task in the kitchen. The Chinese cleaver or Chinese chef’s knife is a thin delicate knife that slices and chops well with height that can be used to scoop up large volumes of product and enough mass that the spine or flat of the blade can be used to crush product before cutting. On the other end of the spectrum, heavier, beefier cleavers( choppers) are some of the few cutlery tools designed to handle cleaving bone in proteins without damaging the knife.

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craig sayer says:

What a crap video on how to sharpen a cleaver complete waste of time stick to cooking

Reynan Henry says:

What kind of whetstone do you use? I mean the number

Maxime CHEVASSON says:

Needs more sharpening, & less cooking.. Pretty disapointed to see only 2mn of sharpenning on a 17mn30 video…

Also the idea to add a less advance cooker is fine (to help for corrections) but those guys need to chill, their smile seems so forced :/

Englehart says:

Next is the wok

Dany Naughty says:

por la expresión del rostro de la niña se ve que no lee gusto

evan wink says:

Was better with just chef zhan and subtitles

Takis Christofilis says:


Prabha krishnan says:

Yummy 😋😍

Vasily Bakarashvili says:

Damn, those two are anoying

max speed max says:

Nasrul tengok ni

Manoj Chauhan says:

With all the due respect.. I can't take my eyes off from the lady.. she's beautiful

max niko says:

только хардкор! только огонь,специи и Жанг!

Casey 27 says:

What a disaster!!! This channel was all about cooking not white teeth "stars". Get rid of these people immediately if you don't want to loose subs.

Aolod Lerdon says:


J S says:

Ginger smells like Ginger …. Beautiful girl.

voice vy says:

He does speak 😉

Aira Samudri says:

Sharped my new cleaver and chopped my pinky finger 😅🙄😓

James Dawson says:

Ditch that dumb girl ffs

MrJayrock620 says:

I find sharpening my knives or anything really relaxing. I’ve sharpened a few axes a little too much and they cut through the sheath

sasion X says:

A major difference between Chinese way of cutting and Western way is that Western kitchen knife is used like a switch blade (always have the tip pressed on the board), and Chinese kitchen knife is used like an axe (clear lifts and chops). You can clearly see the difference in this video.

molevaulting says:

There is no substitute for pure Chef John!

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