I TESTED Rie's Favorite Japanese Recipes- Tamagoyaki Omlette, Onigiri Bento, Miso Soup

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Intro: (0:00)
Sponsor: (1:23)
Breakfast Ingredients: (2:52)
Breakfast Cooking: (3:33)
Breakfast Taste Test: (7:36)
Lunch Ingredients: (9:44)
Lunch Cooking: (10:04)
Lunch Taste Test: (12:22)
Outro: (13:54)

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Howard Takata says:

You need sticky rice for it to stay together

G-Mads says:

Quick correction: It's not a 'karaben', it's just a 'bento'. A karaben is when the bento is organized to look like a character (hence chara-ben)

Reham Rantisi says:

Only David would stick his ears in our faces and stretching them while talking about how self conscious he is about their size 🤣😂… Yup, very wrong type of rice .. but it wouldn’t matter a lot ..

Cheetah Secreto says:

i got a bit surprised with the breakfast tbh
im so used to drink a cup of coffee and eat some toasted bread with butter that seeing what other people eat on breakfast surprises me a lot
all that stuff is what i would eat on a lunch normally

Ritchie Henshaw says:

David, please never get rid of the trash pans/utensils. Ratchet is this channel's brand!

Taelend Sauve says:

wrong rice! try short grain Japanese rice. you can buy it often marketed as sushi rice

sarah sweet says:

My husband has HUGE ears, and let me tell you how much I freaking love big ears.. like omg I love it. 😍

Sojansetly says:

I’m sorry but the scallion flower made me laugh😂 it was cute✨

Walter Bowers says:

The bumpy flavor reassembly present because suit suddenly analyse at a upbeat competition. noisy, alcoholic vise

Elyas Ali says:

the pan was being a bad bad boy

sipuli korva says:

What's the point of having the parchment in the pan with the fish? Never seen that before.

Andjela says:

I love that you include mistakes… its real life, how many of us buys expensive non stick pans all the time😂 great video as always

Martian Gentian says:

She probably used sushi rice. That sticks! 🤗 lots of great work. Thanks for sharing!

Crystal Arndt says:

Doing the big ears thing made me think you were Mathew Broderick from Farris Buellers day off. You just looked like him. Weird rant carry on.

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