I Tried 3 First Lady Cookie Recipes • Tasty

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These cookies are good enough for the President, but which First Lady cookie is your favorite?
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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/115933
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First Lady Melania Trump Hosts Roundtable Discussion On Sickle Cell Anemia
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University
Drew Angerer/Getty Images
First Lady Michelle Obama Holds Ceremony To Present 2015 National Medal For Museum And Library Science
Win McNamee/Getty Images


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Ashley Spratlin says:

I knew the last ones were Michelle's. She be eating whole ass pumpkins as a midnight snack.

Eunice Concha (Student) says:

How did I guess correctly that, that sh*t was Melania's recipe 💀

Ruby Wilson says:

I like how they're using room mates and people like that not just tasty or buzzfeed producers this time.

Bnx Records says:

Hilary would be the grandma to make the oatmeal smack. And those citrus square sound good as hell 🤤

Derek Selby says:

It’s not a surprise that melania t was the boring-bland one!

Gabe6MC says:

OF COURSE. OF COURSE the Star cookies had to be Melanias. These CRAZY liberals will do ANYTHING absolutely ANYTHING to put the Trump family down. It is absolutely sickning.

Stan Moon says:

I can't wait for a mexican president so we can throw some empanadas on this thing

Sarah Novak says:

These…are literally recipes you can get online. They're not anything special

Joy Bachman says:

The oatmeal chocolate chip looks soooo good!!!

Orla's Fun Starts Here says:

No wonder the chocolate chip ones are Hillary. They look so good and I love hillary

maruhoney says:

I got a obama and oprah ad

John Stephen says:

It's not a fair comparison. She should have compared one type of cookie from each.

Adita DAGUR [09Y2] says:

Melania’s are just as flavorless and boring as her

Damon Mctoy says:

Why did I just know the most minimalistic cookie would be Melanias…. bwahahahah!

Andy says:

I find it hard to picture melania baking

Sheila Clark says:

I knew instantly you would make sure First Lady Trump would have the worst cookie.
Stop watching your channel. Not to mention your cookware chips.

iman_cheezit says:

my grandma makes those sour cream cookies, but with her own recipe. melania’s cookies looked dry as hell. my grandma also puts more sugar in there. melania needs to learn how to bake.

Flawlesslmperfection says:

To take oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to the next level, add in some coconut (dried and shredded)!

Jacky with a y says:

I feel like my grandma would love Melania’s cookies because she doesn’t really like sweet foods. Thanks for sharing!

aryarathne 2 says:

Damn hilary bakes good cookies.

Svme53 says:

I JUST KNEWWWWW that the star ones were Melanie, I have a feeling that the oatmeal is either Michelle or Jackie and the other one, hilary? (I haven’t finished the video yet).

j e n u i n e says:

⭐️ 👍🏼 simple easy sexy
melania's. ♥️ as pretty as she is.

Noora says:

The name of the cookie ( "Sour" Cream Cookies ) and taste – bland – made 100 % sureness that it was Melania's Cookie Recipe lol

Gunner Burris says:

How did I know that they would have Melanias cookies as the worst?! Democrats are so predictable

Brave Sky says:

1:22 ok but oats in cookies actually SLAP

Hannah Hughes says:

what are we gonna have when theres first gentlemen, First Gentlemen Carpentry Projects?

Akinia says:

Ohhh I wanna try that chocolate chip one out! I wonder if it will be a little similar to Potbelly's cookies!

MsAllimack says:

Not surprised the flavorless cookies belonged to our current FLOTUS.

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