If I could only cook one dish for a vegan skeptic…

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…It would be my Vegan Red Lentil Curry! This is one of my favorite meals – it’s easy, quick, extremely delicious, and loved by omnivores and vegans alike!

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Full recipe: https://www.rainbowplantlife.com/blog/vegan-red-lentil-curry

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Ju Eats Plants says:

HOLY. CRAP. I made this for my family for dinner tonight and it is hands down the best dish I have ever made, possibly best dish I've ever eaten in my life. Sooooo delicious, it's like better than restaurant quality. Also shockingly easy to clean up after, too! THANK YOU NISHA!!!! Will be making this again very very very soon

Lamiya Mekkaoui says:

Made this today, it’s soooooooo good 😍😍😍😍😍 I only used a quarter can of coconut milk though as I loved the flavour of the spices punching through. It was perfecttt! And I. Used fresh tomatoes but it still thickened nicely!

Balogh Beatrix says:

Will it have a slightly coconut taste because of the coconut cream?

V Klaus says:

YES!! A trip to India years ago made me realise I could eat veg without even think about eating meat ever again.

Maria D says:

I can't wait to try this!

Simone Hendriksen says:

How long would this need in the instant pot?

Mary Higgins says:

This is our dinner tonight. Absolutely delicious!!!

Avi Mehenwal says:

m going to try it tomorrow

Ronnie says:

This is delicious!! 🧡

Arpana Verma says:

My family has some almond allergies. What can I substitute for the almond butter?

tthpf says:

Daal Chawal (lentils and rice) is one of the most popular meals in India. We use many types of daals like laal daal (red lentils), moong daal etc etc. But you know the most heavenly (and Vegan!) meal ever? Rajmah chawal! Daammnn every vegan needs to try it once in their life and then see what happens! It's basically red beans with rice made Indian style and the best thing to ever exist in this whole world ;p

Meagan Geci says:

This spice mix is spot on delicious! My family loves this recipe. Today I'm going to add sweet potato and spinach. Hopefully I won't ruin it.

Schwarz Rund says:

Your recipes are so amazing!!! So well seasoned! As a Dominican all those "easy" internet recipes taste flavourfree to me, yours not! Super tasty!

Melanie Bonnet says:

I made this the day before Thanksgiving. My gut told me this curry would be a good replacement for the Louisiana (meat!) dressing mix that my mom usually kicks up with cream of mushroom for making cornbread dressing. Let me tell you, the red lentil curry + cornbread is a match made in heaven. Cue the angels singing. 👼👼👼 It is now going to be my new tradition for Thanksgiving: Red Lentil Cornbread Dressing. My mom loved it too. Thank you!

Zeloš Miman says:

Iam not a vegan, but indian plant based dishes are absolutely awesome.

Relax Music and Sounds says:

Like it, will try! 😋🌴❤️

Cate Dee says:

This is very delicious. It is not a week-night meal for me. Fifteen to twenty minutes is my idea of week-night cooking. I did make this a second time cooking the lentils in the instant pot first. That did make it quicker; still not a weeknight meal for me however will cook ahead for weeknights and lunches.

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