International Cuisine | Homemade Italian Pizza Recipe | Episode 7

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Hey people! Hope you’re well :). Today I made an Italian Pizza, and WOOW! It tasted so good! This Italian recipe, I made my own way like always! No more buying pizzas, I’m going to make homemade Pizza’s from now on!!!

10g Active Yeast
100ml warm water
200g plan flour & more for dusting
1tbsp sugar
3 eggs
115g salted butter
Tomato Paste/Puree

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Instagram: houseofbakes__

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Jackie W says:

Yummy cuisine

Aarshitha2017 Kala says:

Wowh nice reciep I vl try today

Ruma Munim says:

Pizza looks so Delicious! Once again Ridwan, a very good cooking show, Thank you for sharing🤗

Dipti Sheth says:

so talanted u are..

Hemant Singh says:

nice enformation

Pranjul Singh says:

very enformative video

parween sarwar says:

perfect recipe

Saranya Murugesh says:

I like to eat Italian pizza with mozzarella cheese . Good one

Roogie Poogie says:

Wow! Amazing recipe. It's looks really yummy and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

devi p says:

looks perfect !

nazia ferdowsee shammee says:

Perfect Daugh for pizza

Adaya Kesanpalli says:

I love pizza yummy

You Tube says:

yummy pizza

Khusbu Sana says:

This look super delicious 😋 🤣🤣your 😄

suvojit Suvojit says:

Wow looks so delicious and yummy

Sadaf kanwal says:

Very nicely done

vijay kumar says:

Looks Super Crispy and Crunchy …

Queen Kingdom says:

Tempting Pizza! Keep posting more videos . Love 💜

Urban Eatery says:

cool pizza recipe, very well presented

Ben Müller says:

Look so yammi

Tia 5 says:

Thank you for your wonderful recipe, this helps me to prepare even more delicious

Md Meahjee says:

Wow Looking Perfect

Pooja Sagu says:

Looks so amazing thanks for sharing

seemabsc says:

Very yummy pizza 🍕 😋

Hari Verma says:

Your video is so interesting 👍🏻👍🏻

Diven arora says:

This looks so tempting

Daivik Channel says:

This is so nice pizza recipe

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