JAPANESE BREAKFAST/ EASY RECIPE/ Japanese mom morning routine

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Making Japanese breakfast seems difficult, but it’s really that easy!! I’m showing how Japanese mom’s morning is like in this video along with the recipe.
Japanese breakfast is one of the well balanced breakfast in the world.
In Japanese breakfast , there are usually 1 main dish, 2 side dish along with rice and soup. Each dishes are very simple and easy!
All the recipes are on my blog!
I can’t explain how my body feels good after eating the Japanese breakfast!
I hope you will give it a try!


〇spinach salad

〇cucumber & crab stick pickle

〇miso soup

〇homemade soba noodle dipping sauce


〇What’s Dashi?

〇Vegan breakfast

〇Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner series!


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★About myself and my channel★

I was born in Japan and have grown up in Japan with a couple years oversea experiences.
Having two very energetic boys( age 2 and 4) +working. As you can imagine, my life is hectically busy. I want my family and myself to have a healthy eating habits with deliciousness.
In this video, I would like to focus on below things.

・Seeking for deliciousness with Japanese mom’s twist
・Simple and easy recipes
・Vege heavy diet
・Introducing new useful way of Japanese condiments

I’m looking forward to communicate with many of busy bees and food lovers like me.

I’m also holding a ONLINE Japanese cooking lesson in Tokyo! Please join MIWA’s Japanese Cooking Class to share the deliciousness and culture!
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Miwa's Japanese Cooking says:

Please watch this video for vegan breakfast ideas! ( https://youtu.be/w3iUsxqXOJs ) thank you very much for stopping by!

Manda Naik says:

Lots a love from india lobe your channel 🌴🔥

GG says:

Atigatou sensei

Ĺ alabaster says:

Wow fantastic. Thank you for the video. I just make a coffee lol. I eat big dinners however i like that you mentioned it's the first thing you belly digests and it's healthy. When I do eat in the mornings it's healthy but I love how low carb traditional Japanese breakfast are. So cool.

Aegean Prophet says:

Epic. This is an awesome breakfast. Much healthier than mine. If I eat breakfast at all its an overlight egg over 2 slices of toast – one to dip in the yolk and one as the platform. If i have more time I love me some nice from-scratch pancakes that I just kind of eyeball the ingredients. The internal texture is a toss – up but i always time them perfectly to get a beautiful butter crust on the pan.

itsonlymyopinion ok says:

Rice and Salmon for breakfast? Different, im used to eggs

rati atmawijaya says:

i'll try your recipe for my husband breakfast..👍👍

Jessii Mamii says:

Can you please make a video of the sausage soup

Herman Francis says:

The typical catalan breakfast is as follows:

Pick two cuts of pa de pagès, which is rural catalan bread. Toast it over fire or toaster. Cut a garlic clove in half and smear one of the halves on two pieces of bread and the other on the other two pieces. Cut a tomato in half and smear each half on two pieces of toasted bread. Then add olive oil and salt to all pieces of bread and top it with either llonganissa or fuet. Plate it accompanied by a couple slices of menorquin cheese and possibly some bull blanc or botifarra. Accompany it with fresh orange juice and there you go.

Enstine myers says:

Great Breakfast, good job mom.😎👍

Pousali Mukherjee says:

Where are you staying in Japan ?

Max Schwartz says:

I have a dashi miso paste. I heard I could just boil the tofu and wakame and add the miso paste since it has dashi in it, so I think I will try that.

robert lee says:

I’m 15 and have two working parents who are normally stressed on time so I’m normally the one who cooks thanks for the great breakfast ideas

Victorious Vic says:

Love your video! You are very honest and I love that!

Le Cirque des Rêves says:

Being from America, we have a lot of very sugary foods, caffeine, greasy meats and starch and I've never been a big fan of American breakfast foods. It seems more like dessert foods. Recently, I have been experimenting with kimchi, rice, and eggs for breakfast and I made up a kimchi rice bowl seasoned with soy sauce, a little oil, a lot of garlic and ginger, topped with a pile of kimchi and fried egg. This is now my go-to breakfast food. I love how this video breaks down Japanese breakfast food and it has inspired me to try different dishes. I plan to try making miso soup in the future.

Asian mom teaches you French says:

Wow so much food for breaskfast

Christina says:

This is absolutely amazing! I’m moving out next month and I’m so nervous to feed myself and my boyfriend healthy and balanced meals! I’ve been so reliant on my mom since I graduated college with covid and everything 😭😭 I’m so nervous but your video gives me courage!

bourjois m says:

I barely got a cup of coffee in the morning and I m already late..

Poligraph Sharikov says:

Nice cooking. Thank you for sharing recipes.

Jin Jin says:

Broccili ?? OH No

mayhemassault says:

I wake up 10 minutes too late, get dressed, run to the car, scrape off 2 small holes of ice so i can see, then theres a 15-25 min rally experience trough narrow forest roads to work. Then i go hungry at work until 9.30.

Björn Brunstorp says:

I do 2 sandwiches and im done in 5min :). This is some serious dedication!

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