Japanese Rice Cooker Recipes | 5 Reasons Why I Love Zojirushi Rice Cookers | Honest Japanese Cooking

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Rice Cookers are great. I have in the video, the full instructions on how to use a Japanese rice cooker, Zojirushi brand.

I wanted to introduce several Japanese recipes you can try with your rice cooker. Rice cookers really give you good meals and save you time.

Tiger and Zojirushi are my best recommended brands.
They are both Japanese brands.

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A K. says:

Your video is just amazing. I love your edits and the video itself. I FINALLY got myself a rice cooker too and I’m going to try out all your recipes 😊 thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

Tracy Houser says:

So delightful to watch ^^
Your music selection reminded me of Nobuo Uematsu's music. Maybe you know of him. I think you would enjoy it

wallace1723 says:

Just like Goku to name his son meal…….

Rachelle Herbert says:

I have used my rice cooker in different ways since being home so much. My latest experiment has been using silicone cups to hold extra items I want to steam, like leftover rice, eggs or frozen veg. I put my old 3 cup zojirushi on ‘quick cook’ to reheat something (usually a stew, beans, or curry), and place the silicone cups with foods on top of the reheating food. 20 minutes or so, it’s all reheated/cooked. It’s been a great help. The silicone cups are a silicone ‘muffin pan’ I didn’t like, that I cut up into separate pieces.

Angelo Fanelli says:

Bought one recently, love it.

Kaz Ashton says:

Thanks so much!

AkaneRocket says:

Great video, that intro was hilarious

Resha Valentine says:

OMG Tora-san, now you've got daughter on your own. I watched your 8 years ago video about Dashimaki Tamago 😆 keep up the good work, you've improved a lot!

HQBunker says:

I never could be bothered to cook rice in a pot, I actually don't like a normal plain long grain rice, but short grain I do… For some reason…😜 And I'm making great banana cake and cheesecake in my!

Magius61 says:

Fantastic Survey! My life suck without a rice cooker.

Stephanie Drews says:

Great job! Love the intro and the survey haha. Wish i have fish grill too! That salmon rice is probably the most appealing at this moment ha 😍 thanks so much for your tips! I need to get a good rice cooker! I'm im the stone age with my pot

Stefan Markun says:

Great, thanks :). Such good humor and yummie recepies. I guess Ill finally buy a rice cooker.

Kevin Hernández says:

I love my rice cooker :) i can share some rice recipes from the Caribbean one day if you like :)

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