japanese tofu recipes | 7 delicious ways to enjoy cold tofu

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did you know… some of the most tasty ways to enjoy tofu are cold? 😛 either way here’s 7 japanese tofu recipes to help you cook tofu japanese style!


🗾so in japan tofu is pretty easy to find both at markets and at restaurants. in fact theres restaurants that specialize in it.

just like all the other types of food that tends to get specialized. and you know when thats their specialty its gonna be really good. REAL GOOD.

and that’s one of the big differences you may notice in japan, is the sheer number of specialty restaurants. some hundreds of years old. just like the ancient food tofu.

heres 7 ways for you to enjoy tofu cold. cold tofu dishes are great for hot weather and especially the summer and even better, light refreshing and certainly filling thanks to all the protein and fiber naturally found in tofu!

1. hiyayakko – japanese cold tofu which can be seasoned in many different ways!
2. tofu salad or shiraae (tofu dressed vegetables) or in the dressing itself for your salads
3. as a thickener for soups like potaju (japanese french style vegetable soup ) potato and kabocha are classic soups to give a try!
4. as a topping for soba (buckwheat noodles) – all you need is a little nori, green onion, wasabi, ginger and or shichimi
5. filling for sushi – something simple like a little kimchi, shiso and tofu strips with a little sesame oil!
6. in dessert like mitarashi purin (japanese tofu pudding with sweet soy sauce)
7. tofu cheesecake. yes tofu cheesecake!! 😲

🤔 questions of the day, which one of these tofu dishes have you already tried? which will you try first?

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all day i eat like a shark says:

🤔 questions of the day, which one of these tofu dishes have you already tried? which will you try first?

Thao Nguyen says:

We are making tofu, with garden-grown soybeans today. THIS was super fun & helpful.

beth agosta says:

First time here. Thrilled to find you!

Rabellaka says:

Had hiyayakko for lunch today. I put on grated daikon and ginger, green onions, and soy sauce. And because I live spicy food, I added a garlic Chili sauce. I’d like to try it as a mayonnaise or dressing though!

cv SA says:

Thank u I saved to my List to make most likely tofu in salad will make ;))

Kenneth Maese says:

You are gorgeous and your voice is so soothing.

Francis Trancis Des Ruisseaux says:

Hello first time here. I love cold Tofu. I will try all of those. Subscribed. You said "Potage" in French perfectly. xx

leleiskindofcool says:

In dressing is very interesting!

desdemona l says:

I love tofu with crushed seaweed to make it taste fishy xoxo

Above The Flood says:

I don't know if smoked tofu is popular in Japan but it's one of my favorites to eat cold dipped in a little soy sauce. You can also shred the smoked tofu with a cheese grater, mix in with vegan mayo, chopped green onion, a little bit of Dijon mustard & apple cider vinegar, black pepper to make tofu salad sandwiches.

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