Low Calorie Weekday Chicken Recipes

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Try these recipes if you want a filling but low calorie meal!

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/86609


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Dr. Mudarris د. بشير المدرس says:

"low calorie" proceed to add 150g of honey xD
instant dislike

Green Tea says:

Why all the cheese omg 😂

HisAmbassador says:

Rice isn't low-calorie. It contains lots of glucose not to mention lots of carbs too. Sigh.

Watiflappy Nounou says:

Looks very yummy but some of the dishes with the amount of hard cheese, I wonder whether they are actually low in calories.

Unda says:

Doesn’t look like it’s under 500 kcal with all that oil and cheese, how?😬

Chris Atwill says:

Low calorie ? Cheese stuffings, honey and plenty of oil aren't exactly "low calorie".

JP says:

You guys really know how to over-cook chicken. It looks dry as a bone in every recipe

Soline Song says:

me during my online class but also wants to lose weight:

Angie Hofstetter says:

Calorie count please

Si Sa says:

How to make the cauliflower rice as in the last recipe?

Tara Patil says:

ppl with ed's like 'low calorie' WHERE???????

MissisPoirot says:

Hello :) I don't have a slowcooker. How can I alternatively cook the chicken without a slowcooker?
Greetings from Berlin Germany :)

Goodness says:

I stopped watching after I saw the honey 🙄

Tiffany says:

Calorie Counts:
Teriyaki Chicken: 4 servings
360 calories without rice each serving
417 calories with rice each serving
Stir Fry: 4 total servings
292 calories without rice for each serving
348 calories with rice for each serving
Next Recipe: 2 breasts total
504 calories each breast
Last Recipe: 2 breasts total
533 each breast

Chamber Jumawan says:

What did he do at 0:26?

T P says:

I assume that it is meant to be for at least 3 people, in that case it might be about 500kcal. Would appreciate the exact calorie count and how many people it´s supposed to be for.

Basic Bro says:

Low Calorie then adds 5 or 6 Tablespoons of oil.

Isabella Raymond Block says:

Your definition of low calorie may be different than ours, calorie counts would be helpful

Kathleen Smith says:

It would be more helpful if the name of the recipe appeared before the recipe was made so we knew where we were going.

Sandy Rosie says:

u sure its low calories ?

Maya Flici says:

Adding cheese and then more cheese to vegetables or chicken isn't my definition of low calories

livid-la-vida-loca says:

Where's the calorie count

Charlene Fountain says:

Thank goodness this actually gives really good low calorie and some even Keto friendly meal ideas. Thank you Goodful

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