Low Carb CHILI COOK-OFF – The BEST Keto Chili Recipe!

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Low Carb Chili Recipes – Keto Chili Recipe Cook-Off!

Join us for an epic Low Carb Chili Cook-Off, as we search for the best keto chili recipe on the internet!


Keto Chili
by That Low Carb Life

The Best Paleo & Keto Chili
by Gnom-Gnom

**Y’all, just so we’re all clear, I’m only here to test recipes. Inclusion in this video does not imply that these websites, recipes or their creators are in any way affiliated with, associated with or sponsored by Thrive Market or Highfalutin’ Low Carb. I personally researched and selected the recipes for testing myself. The conclusions I reached and the opinions I presented are solely my own. Prices presented here are for comparison only and were valid at the time of filming in January 2020. Prices are always subject to change.**


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That Low Carb Life says:

Well, this was just about the most entertaining (and stressful) thing I've ever watched. I cheered out loud when I saw the look on your face after you tasted my chili. 😉 Thank you for giving it a try! Love all of your videos! :)

Karla Brintley says:

Delicious! I agree with you without even tasting them, I like the "That Low Carb Life" chili is more my speed. I love bell pepper in my chili (no beans) and the macros are better in my opinion. thanks for this video. I'm always trying to find a good chili and now that I'm Keto, it's even more important that I have my comfort foods adapted.

Natalie Corvin says:

I recently discovered your channel in the past few weeks and am addicted! I have already tried several other recipes you reviewed and can't wait to try these chilis this fall/winter. I also wanted to say if you are still in Indy. Welcome to my hometown! I hope you love it here.

martha holtquist says:

Is that chili? 🤦‍♀️ to me it’s just like meat stew with a strong [chili flavor] 😳

Thomasena Nelson says:

I love watching you!!! I love the faces you make!

Gail Neal says:

no sugar in corn bread!
I knew I loved this man for a reason!

Brenda Martinez says:

Beans do belong in chili! That’s the only way I made them for 30 something years.
Now that I’m Keto, I leave them out, but I miss them terribly!

Shane Zettelmier says:

A lot of people also diced portobello mushrooms to kind of replace the bean texture, it’s a little bit harder mushroom so you’ll get little chunks in there similar to beans and texture, I don’t know that it would really replace beans in a flavor profile but mushrooms would be good in it either way.

I don’t know about you, I know a lot of people really like the fake foods or the simulated foods and like trying to get that relationship. My mind doesn’t really work that way if you put mushrooms in there and try to pretend it’s been my mind just says it’s just a mushroom like if you make a tofu turkey some people eat it and it satisfies their turkey craving, I don’t understand that it doesn’t taste anything like turkey so I personally never make those fake things or simulated things like the fried cheese taco shells, eating that to me just seems very odd and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t satisfy that taco craving for me at all, but it does work for a lot of people. So I guess the texture of the mushroom would sort of be like a softer bean.

It’s hard to tell without eating it but especially with the coffee in the beer with your things I don’t like to cook with, beer isn’t bad but I hate coffee so I think I would like the other one much better too, it looks better to me also and I think you’re right about cooking it longer. Chili is always better recaulked and re-cooked when everything sort of melds. I do like the more soft and liquidy consistency also. The other ones kind of like eating flavored burger almost come up for me when I’m wanting chili I really want the more liquidy side more like a stew or a thick soup. I think the other one just seemed more like flavored beef from what the texture look like which is still good but it just seems different, not really much of a chili as opposed to a beef thing. I think I’ll try the low-carb one instead, that looks good but I think I’ll cook it longer like you said and take the time to brown the onions in the beef more and see how that works out.

Shane Zettelmier says:

The part about browning everything properly is very smart that gives you a ton of flavor. But onions take longer. What you’re looking to do is caramelize the onions in about eight minutes you just need to keep stirring them and it’ll probably take more like 10 or 15 minutes and you want the onions to turn pretty Brown and really start to break down. That’s when they’re caramelized and that’s when it’s releasing all of that flavor. You’re right about putting the garlic in butter garlic you only need one or maybe two minutes do you want to cook it till it just really starts releasing a lot of that good garlic smell. Then take it out of the pan and brown your beef and put it back in before you add your other ingredients. When you brown meat also that nice golden brown crust you get like when you see her a steak that’s called the Millard reaction, it’s the meat version of caramelization and it releases a whole other flavor profile, that’s why you don’t just boil a piece of meat and you grill it or you cook it in a hot pan seers it. In the video you cook your onions down but you didn’t get them caramelized, if you do that it will add even more flavor and better flavor. Same with the beef you want to cook it to the point where you have to stir it a lot and it starts to stick to the bottom of the pan A little. Speed up those processes you can use butter but butter can burn so you don’t want to add it in the beginning but in the meat adding the butter helps get that crust because that crust is actually very pro Tien part of the meat and the breaking down of the fat into a sugar and when you brown it you’re kind of cooking off that sugar and getting that crust which is almost like adding another space that gives you that really meaty flavor or in the case of onions that really sweet caramelized flavor.

The beer was interesting but I hate coffee I even hate dark chocolate which might make sense because you were saying it kind of gives you a chocolate flavor so I never cook it with coffee. I’ve seen a lot of people that smoke and grill using coffee in the rub, I guess it’s a flavor profile some people like. I hate it but it’s interesting. I’m guessing I could just add broth to replace that don’t you think?

It all looks good.

Dalaine Bloom says:

You did such an Excellent job even though You were sicker than a dog. These both look delicious but I am with You though. I would make the one that only needed to cook for 1 hour.
Bless You and Your Partner. I hope that You are doing well now. I do know that this was done a while back when You were very sick. Anyway, Wesley, Thank You for sharing Your talents with Us again. I look forward to watching more of Your videos. 😊👍🏼💕👋🏼

Vande Derrick says:

I'm from Texas and have always had beans in my chili. :)

Carmen S says:

Wes they sell a can of the Peanut Patch boiled peanuts right over at Walmart Market. You can hit me up if u want to know which one, I'll give you the address in Indy. LOVE your vids, for YEARS now!!

Carmen Wages says:

I think i would add crackling pork rinds the last half hour, but you would have to add a little more beef broth. give it a little crunch without the carbs.

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