Low Carb & KETO CANDY Recipes | DIY Keto Halloween Treats

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It’s a Halloween miracle: the ultimate KETO HALLOWEEN TREATS to satisfy any sweet tooth! And not just any ol’ keto desserts or DIY Halloween treats – I’ve got 3 KETO CANDY recipes that taste like the real deal.

You won’t find much (or any) keto Halloween candy at the store, but it’s SO easy to make your own low carb candy at home! Each of these healthy DIY candy remakes uses just a few ingredients and requires no oven or cooking at all.

I’ve got a keto peanut butter cups recipe (a.k.a. Reeses Cups), keto Almond Joy minis and, the easiest keto candy recipe of all: peanut M&Ms with a low carb twist!

Sure, you COULD eat sugar free candy on keto that you find at the store, artificially sweetened. But let’s be real – it usually tastes pretty gross! Whether you’re looking for cleaner, healthy Halloween treats or sugar free & low carb halloween goodies, this homemade keto Halloween candy does not disappoint!

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Mind Over Munch says:

What’s your favorite Halloween candy!?

Losty says:

I used to watch this channel's videos all the time, and I know that keto shit gets views, but I wish the channel would revert back to real food.

ayesha Wani says:

I cant express how much i loved this vid or all of your vids overall what the heck

Blue Kneesocks says:

why is this so funny

Kristin L says:

Wow you’re at 900K subscribers! Congrats!

Carla Dickerson says:

Those look good but, I'd rather have the original!

Myianeii Murray says:

Can you make more Benton lunch plz!🥺❤️

LOLCandyBar says:

Lmao but Reese’s makes sugar free candies and they taste just like the originals-
As do York patties, Hershey’s, jolly ranchers, etc.

Sa Raah says:

Oh myyyyy i love uuuu

Artbug says:

These recipes are so disappointing… I guess it really is too hard to make your own keto chocolate. I have yet to find a good recipe. Lilys is way too expensive to be spending on something like this

Emilia Nunez says:

Such a cool video!!

White Lion says:

Love this so! Im learning to prepare food for my sweet tooth siblings, but Im on a low carb diet myself
This recipe surely sparked my creativity! Now everyone will enjoy
Including me!

C Ty says:

this channel is so cool lol

NaCole Thomas says:

Love this video and I'm only at 50 seconds!

TheAzynder says:

I don't know what a reese's cup is like but Almond joy will ruin both almonds and joy…

서연식당 Seoyeon restaurant says:

I love the Halloween recipe, but the kids standing at the door laughed because they were cute!!❤️❤️👍🏻🤗

The Raw Egg Files says:

If you temper the chocolate instead of just freezing it, they won't melt if they're left out.

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