Low Fat Chicken Tikka (Anabolic Chicken Recipe)

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I got to admit I’ve done low fat recipes before. I’ve eaten a high protein diet to build muscle before. But it’s only after I started watching Greg Douctte’s videos did I start using or labeling things ‘Anabolic’. Anyway I’ve been eating these wraps (inspired by Coach Greg) but of course with my own spin/twist to it and these low fat chicken tikkas are the perfect filling for the wrap. I hope you enjoy this delicious anabolic chicken recipe.

Get the written recipe with macros at https://headbangerskitchen.com/recipe/low-fat-chicken-tikka/

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shikha b says:

Awwww your dad is so cute!! The fact that he loved it post meal tells us it's really delicious 😇!(it defn looks amazing) And I know exactly why he makes his dad taste post meal is he probably isn't very hungry and will be content with just a piece or two 😛

shikha b says:

Hahah that's the most honest and funny comment ever "noones going to look at your kebabs mine needs to be photo friendly" :)

Noel Pearce says:

With your fathers slight accent couldn't help but smile at ," Fork Up"

Black Hole Sun says:

I live for your bloopers. 🤩😍🤩

Black Hole Sun says:

Your Dad gave it his seal of approval. Thought he was gonna cry w happiness! 😆

Black Hole Sun says:

How did I miss this? My new job is keeping me tooooo busy. Love chix tika!

Vinayak Naidu says:

Left over chattni..😂😂😂 now it's true indian.

BECCA says:

New t-shirt "Fork Up"

Brenda Nolen says:

Oh! Have you figured out how to make butter chicken low fat yet? I can’t wait to try this version!

Kerry James says:

Love the recipe, but got to say my favorite part was the last 5 minutes Hahaha.

Melissa Thompson says:

I can see I'm going to have to shop for Asian spices…. Online, because rural Tennessee is not the place to find international gourmet outlets….

Arnold Phillips says:

Thank you for this! I've started working out again and am trying this for sure! 🤘

shalin bhatt says:

bloopers are more entertaining the actual video lol

hrizons says:

Looks great. Also hilarious… Your dad and the way you look at him.

B G says:

Hahah i love seeing your comments on greg's videos peoples are aways surprised its funny. Do you also watch Will Tennyson and Remmington James?

your keto best friend says:

Hell yeah I need the fusion of keto/anabolic recipes

Tanmay Gogate says:

any alternatives for mustard oil in marinade?
or is it ok if i completely remove it?

Nishi’s kitchen says:

Yummy recipe

mary deignan says:

Thank you for another delicious recipe! I'll cook it soon.

Ajinkya Dhotre says:

Haha love the bloopers man 😂

Ajinkya Dhotre says:

Dude that looks keto friendly as well , since all ingredients were keto friendly

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