Low Fat Vegan No Oil Garlic Bread from Dr. McDougall

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This recipe came from “The New McDougall Cookbook” It has ultra low fat cooking recipes I love it and use it all the time. Hope you all enjoy. I made this with Chef AJ’s Lasagna and stuffed mushrooms. Everything was delish!

Recipe in the cookbook says to use no oil Italian dressing but I like making my own. He also adds 1 tsp. of paprika and 3 garlic cloves and blends them up in a mixer. Apply to bread, bake and Sprinkle with parsley and serve. Hope you enjoy!

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Michele Brooks says:

Foil is not good to cook with.

Phfft! Whatever! says:

Aluminum foil is less than a dollar at your local supermarkets.

Jean-Pierre Forget says:


jirehguy says:

Is it sour at all?

Laola Fits says:

I want to make it, but i really don't like the taste of vinegar. Does the taste of vinegar decrease or doesn't it taste like vinegar when you bake it?

Mountain Girl says:

Is there anything special about the baguette bread❓

Beckeebuckeye00 says:

No aluminum for me

Suzanne Butterfield says:

this looks yummy! gatta love Dr. McDougall!

lxmzhg says:

xanthan gum is not a healthy ingredient… it's ironic that it is used especialy for those on a gluten free diet because of their gut issues, however xanthan gum itself poses gut problems. Use xanthan gum substitutes.

Lauren says:

great recipe idea .,..bad idea using aluminum foil! heat transfers aluminum into your body bloodstream where it lodges in the brain causing demntia ie alzheimers! aluminum is found in alzheimer patients during autopsies eh….

H8BingLied2 Greg says:

Looks great! May also be good with a little nutritional yeast on top. 😁

Blueberry says:

was there oil in that bread itself?

Blueberry says:

it's not healthy to eat food that is cooked on aluminum foil. metals get into the food.

Alina Weiss says:

I love your recipes! I am becoming a huge fan of your channel! Thank you 🙏🏼

Repent & Believe says:

i thought white bread was fattening

Arlene says:

I thought she was making bread not using store bread…lol

ImmaLiving Again says:

I think a creamy spread could be made using a baked potato and just omit any vinegar. What a great recipe to get started. I really need to give this base a taste tho cause ive never seen a Vinegar used for bread like this. Thats what i Love about Cooking. There are no rules. Looks delish…

Dustin Huffman says:

Did you have to buy specific bread? Or is it just a regular bread from Walmart or fresh market?

Banana Patch says:

Looks great ! I also like nutritional yeast on top.

Joanne Papas says:


inscrutable says:

I tried with apple cider vinegar and it was not good

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