Make ANY Cookie with THIS Recipe (Linzer/Sugar/Gingerbread/Chocolate/Butter/Holiday Cookies

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Holiday Cookies – Cut Out Sugar Cookies , Linzer Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies, Chocolate name it! Use this recipe to make your custom cookie box!

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Cookie Recipe ( Crispy melt away cookie BASE dough) :

– 750 gr soft room temp Butter ( 6 2/3 sticks )
– 300 gr Powdered Sugar ( 2 1/2 cups)
– 3 room temp X Large Egg Whites
– 900 gr All purpose Flour ( 6 cups + 1/2 cup)
– 3 tsp Vanilla
– 1/4 tsp Salt

For tips and advice check the video.
Divide the dough into 5 equal portions and with each dough make 5 different cookies:

■ Vanilla Butter Cookies:

Leave the first dough as is.

You’ll need a piping bag and a tip of your choice.

■ Linzer Cookies:

to the second cookie dough, add:

– 60 gr Almond Flour (1/2 cup)
– 40 gr All Purpose Flour ( 4 tbsp)
– 1/2 tsp Almond Extract
– Jam of your choice

■ Gingerbread *Style* Cookies:

to the third cookie dough, add:

– 2 3/4 tsp Ginger
– 3 tsp Cinnamon
– 2 or 3 tsp Cocoa Powder
– 40 gr Flour ( 4 tbsp)

For stronger gingerbread flavor add more ginger.

■ Sugar Cookies:

to the fourth cookie dough, add:

– 50 gr All Purpose Flour ( 5 tbsp)
– 1/2 tsp Vanilla

■ Chocolate Sugar Cookies:

to the fifth cookie dough, add:

– 60 gr Sweetened Cocoa Powder ( 7 1/2 tbsp) ( Bloom the cocoa with 5 tbsp hot Milk) If you’re using UNsweetened cocoa powder you may have to add 1 tbsp more icing sugar.
– 20 gr All Purpose Flour ( 2 tbsp)
– Melted good quality chocolate to fill the cookies


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Life Made Easy says:

O my gosh….. Delicious 😋

Ajibola Latona says:

Great job! 🔥

Patricia Abusada says:

Is the butter unsalted or salted…

Ziza Wozirw Wozirw says:

Can i make the reciepe in half ingrediant??

medhat munaza says:

Thanks a milion!
this video is great😋
l just had a question that can we use solid oil instead of butter? will we get the same result?

BTS. ARMY says:

Can anyone plz answer me if I want to use just one cup of butter. How the rest of the recipe will go?

Helen Panni says:

Hi wheres the recipe for red cookies please?

Francine Sandino says:

Emma God bless you. I dont think i saw you working on the red cookies. Are those red cookies red velvet cookies or did you just added more flouer to the base cookie and dye it red? I love your channel🤗

B Eliver says:

Is that all purpose flour?

Cooking 4us says:

Can we make this in the microwave? If so, then for how long?

Oya Tosun says:

Very nice thanks for the recipe

A&A's ART ZONE says:

can we make it o the stove?

Kripa Joshi says:

Thank you for beautiful cookies receipe!

Tinker's Craft says:

This is so satisfying 💖

monsta zedd says:

am i the only 1 whose watching this for the 21 st tym?!! this is soo satsfyinggg

L. C. says:

Her axcent when she describes the adding the exxs and the cookie taxture is everything 💕. And I’ve made these and they’re phenomenal!

Saint Channel. says:

😋😋😋 I prefer the jelly ones & the brownies.

Cneh Ndlela says:

Hi Emma. On the chocolate cookie can I replace the cocoa with 80% chocolate powder?

RANDOM says:

Double stack make A raq I like that

Tarman tarman t says:

Nice video….


Awesome 😉😋😉🤟

Anju Tony says:

Love u Emma..ur the best dear

virat baniya says:

Substitute for egg in this recipe ?plz reply

Entle Mdongwe says:

Thank you can you make a video for kids lunch thank you

Hjujuoheku says:

For how much time we can. Keep them in jar

Melanie Macias says:

What tip was used to pipe the cookie dough?

Ginger Tanner G. says:

Beautiful, Delicious, Specialty cookies you are amazing one question what if to start I need to cut the dough to maybe 25 cookies I am trying to bake for Valentines Day and its my first time. How would I cut the ingredients?. Thank you so much happy Valentine's Day💝

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