Marco Pierre White recipe for Pork belly with cider and cream sauce

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Pork Belly recipe with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

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Piotr Brys says:

Lmao 2:45 he drops the whisk into the sauce and gets pissed off, but the voice-over and editing do a good job of covering it up. Funny seeing a legendary chef mess up like that.

Royce Darbonne says:


Raymond Cabuhat says:

0:23 this is not marco its an imposter

Corry satrya Bonardy says:

Is it really crispy a d crackling though?

jdod64 says:

American here, by cider. Does he mean a hard cider or or non alcoholic one?

Dog Space Cadet says:

What the hell, he didn't bury it in parsley or cilantro after he was finished cooking it!?!

Michael Tovar says:


Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez says:

This guy's attitude makes Gordon Ramsay look like a K-pop fan…

British Dunkage says:

I love how at 0:38 he just grabs it out the pan with his bare hand and holds it like a mighty pork gauntlet

K Pizz says:

Great video. I give it nine stock pots out of ten!

Soman Rama says:

someone should tell him to look into the other camera

Noel Cleary says:

theres no recipe, just add some stock pods

Ocean Yin says:

look at dem shoes tho

Mike ivey says:

This is like asmr

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