Martha Stewart’s Classic Key Lime Pie | Martha Bakes Recipes

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Take a trip down south to the Florida Keys with Martha Stewart’s classic Key Lime Pie recipe! The acidic notes from the key lime zest and juice mix with the sweetness of the condensed milk to make a dessert Martha considers a “very nice pie for springtime.” Nothing beats a homemade graham cracker crust mixed with a cool, creamy, and tart center! Whether you want your pie topping to be a simple whipped cream or an ornate, egg white Swiss meringue—Martha’s got you covered for both. Complete with an impressive kitchen torch demo, the juice is worth the squeeze on this delightful, citrus dessert from Martha!

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Key Limes
00:30 Graham Cracker Crust
02:26 Key Lime Pie Filling
04:16 Topping

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This originally aired on PBS, as part of Martha Bakes Season 3 Episode 6.

Martha Stewart’s Key Lime Pie recipe:

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Martha Stewart’s Classic Key Lime Pie | Martha Bakes Recipes

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Oh Sugar! says:

Hmmmm…keylimes are ripe when they are yellow in color. Also, they ripen on the tree late October early November. I would say it is a nice once a year Fall treat!

Ian Miles Chungus says:

And How do you make the merangue

robyn sinclair says:

Key Limes are yellow

Paris Lady says:

Martha, my guru for everything I can't believe she has made this classic pie with graham crackers. Historically this pie crust is make with dough. Somewhere in time a lazy chef didn't want to be bothered making it correctly and tossed this awful substitute in the mix. And now it's considered "the norm" to destroy this classic dessert. There is one pie shop in Key West that makes their "award winning pie" as it should be made with a dough crust. The win year after year because their pies are authentic and delicious. The taste is extraordinary because the filling blossoms in the mouth and is not masked by crushed up crackers. The same goes for Cheesecake. It was never meant to be made with crackers, yuck.

LuvToys Collector says:

I love key lime pie 🥧

Patrick Taylor says:

Can I have some pie please 😋

M.A. G. says:

Hello Martha, just in time ! We are German and we have lived in Florida for ten years (in the nineties). Now our oldest son is getting married and I am about to bake Key Lime Pies for that day in honor of him growing up there. Of course we dont have the real key limes over here. But I will use that recipe of yours, because I used to watch your shows all the time back then and I have learned so much from you over the years. Thank you for sharing…..Love Martina

Elba Bebe says:

Yammmmmyyyy. Thank u 💞💞

Patrick Taylor says:

I’d eat your pie anytime 😘🇨🇦

Shekela Farmer says:

So very nice 👀 looking Key Lime pie's

Leticia De la Cruz says:

Always ❤️ Martha. Old school . She stills uses a flap spatula to scrap the bottom of the bowl. Getting every last bit of deliciousness!! Chefs nowadays don’t do that!! God I miss the old food network

Faiza Ilyas says:

Mam , kindly explain meringue recipe ratio

MrBurns says:

Her hubby was a multimillionaire Wall Street banker.

JonnyRox says:

Years back Martha sprinkled shredded coconut over the top then torched it, what an amazing looking pie!

Sue Chun says:

My daughter and I slipped into our WDW resort to try a little keylime pie with afternoon tea…our eyes meet and we knew we had found a new fav pie…happy times…

marilyn says:

you are a class act! you do everything so perfectly. ttyl

Delfo Love aka Della’s Missionary Journey says:

I love key lime pie

KOREA MOM 한국엄마 says:

I ve never tasted LIME PIE before, It is interesting to me, but looks soooooo tempted. I wish I could bake it like you~~😄😄
나는 전에 라임 파이를 맛본 적이 없다. 나에게는 흥미롭지 만 너무 유혹 된 것 같다. 너처럼 구울 수 있으면 좋겠다 ~~ 😄😄

Honar Derakhshan says:

Hi friend that looks delicious and very yummy thanks for sharing 👍💛👍💛🤝🤝🤝👏👍👍🙏🙏🙏👌👌🌻🌻🌻wow big like my friend

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