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Cucumbers, low in calories, high in nutrients and 100% refreshing. It’s a healthy fruit which is often confused for a vegetable by a lot of people. Hey friends it’s time to make it even more fun and healthy for you, as I am showing you how to make a yummy “#CucumberLemonade.” Isn’t it just amazing cucumbers, a touch of lemon and Masala, and you get a glass full of energy. And it’s worth mentioning that you guys have been so supportive and I am so very thankful for all your love. Keep watching my videos and I will keep on bringing more and more exciting recipes for you guys. So keep smiling and enjoy cooking. #HomemadeLemonade #SummerDrink #ChefKunal #CucumberLemonade #StaySafe

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Kunal Kapur says:

Is there any other summer recipe you would want me to cook?

Mamta Garg says:

Please share some smoothies for navratri

Rashmi Sharma says:

Can we avoid soda sir

Gayatri Bankeshwar says:

Wow, very nice recipe

Smruti Patel says:

Good recipe

Shana Banu says:

My fav chef forevr 😍

Shana Banu says:

Love ur voice & beautiful explanations πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Aswani says:

Sir I love your recipes a lot… And the way you have romance with the food ingredients is awesome..

Make me fall in love with food everytime during I watch your recipe …😍😍😍

Komal Mathur says:

Why we add Coriander powder into this drink, it gives little raw flavour. Any specific reason chef?


I want to make it but I don't have soda so I want to make it without soda other way to make it plz reply

Biswash Pandey says:

chef i am sorry to tell you bt your video is not intresting compaired to your quality recipe..i think u need good camera man…sorry..

Seema Doi says:

Sir you lost so much weight why?you look so handsome in chubby looks

nandita p says:

can we store it for 2 3 days?

Manisha Gupta says:

I made it today but it taste like green chutney.. I really don't like very much

RaJashree K says:

Lemonade super sir.. Sir chicken macaroni recipe chahiye sir please uploaf

Sanjana Gawari says:

Nice cutting board

Megha Sharma says:

it was yum sirπŸ™ƒand your way of presentation is so amazing and precise! keep sharing the videos and keep flourishing

Ananya ki Rasoi says:

Looks nice…follow my channel too

Deepika says:

You have a calm, confident screen presence. The recipes are easily replicable and the ones I've tried have always turned out well. I hope you don't change your style, or let a producer convince you to sound more scripted, high-energy or "entertaining". For instance I might enjoy watching all sorts of videos, but when I need a recipe I usually find myself reaching for voices like yours. And some of us really do prefer lo-fi, substance-over-style, content.

Runu's Cocktail Kitchen says:

Love it ..So refreshing.😊

neha jaimini says:

Nice information about dhaniya seeds also the drink is yummilicious.

Eat The World - Fairy Tale Vlog - etw recipe - says:

very nice!! I just uploaded Puerto Rican drink on my channel but I should try this too😍

krishna priya says:

Thank you chef☺️

Jazz Bhatiya says:

Chef loved your detailed explanation on dhaniye ke beej … feels like to keep listening ❀❀

M. C. Modi says:

Very refreshing drink πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Anu Tarakesh says:

Chef plz help. This month my son's first birthday due to coronavirus I can't bring cake from outside. So plz can u show how to make simple and easy birthday cake without oven to make his birthday spl even in lockdown.

Komal Rani says:

Ur amazing sir really,sbse different way me decorate krte h aap dish Dekh ke muh pa panni aa jata h.thnku sir I will try this also

Himanshi Lodhi says:

Please suggest me any special vegetarian dish for father's day

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