Mastering The art of BBQ Grilling & Smoking

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How too Barbecue and grill like a pro.

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DaSmokinB0ss says:

I bet one could use cinnamon sticks for flavor but just one out two. 

Lesley Nunez says:

JB….You need to be on Food Network or The Cooking Channel Boy!! 

Baconator Green says:

Hey JB, question. I just got a new weber kettle for Christmas and am gonna
be doing some smoking on it like I always do. But I noticed you said
something about the maverick probes won’t take over 350 degrees? I thought
they said something about up to 700 but I could be wrong. Just asking
because I just ordered one tonight along with a couple other little things
(a new chimney starter etc). As far as smoking on the grill, I use the
weber kettles mostly because I just don’t have the cash to fork out for a
WSM yet. But I find that if I use the snake method it helps a lot on trying
to hold a more constant temp. Just my two cents anyway. Keep the videos

chapmaker46 says:

like your style brother just subbed ya

Jigga Boo says:

You film this next to a waterfall? 

terri white says:

great video .. love your way… I hate gas grills…. wood and charcoal
only for me …. thanks for all the tips ….


Hey Boy I bought me a wsm 22.5 do I have to season are burn it out before I
use it? 

terri white says:

Question …. If you only cook with wood should you soak the wood in water
for a bit like you do with wood chips ..???? 

terri white says:

Awesome Thank you so much I very much appreciated ;-)

TheRydog61 says:

alot of good info, thanks

Shane McClanahan says:

Thanks for passing on the knowledge boy! Enjoy all your videos!

terri white says:


willskillincali . says:

Great video, thank you for ally the advice, I will be trying some of the
things I learned from this video.

TheMsLady4Real says:

I’m from Eunice La. Mr. J.B. and been a cook all my life at least a good
25+ years and I’m still learning all our Cajun and Creole secrets! Your
videos are the best that I’ve seen!!!!!! I’m never bored with your

bashman fielder says:

Hey JB, took your advice and bought a 22.5 WSM..I did my first pork
butt…unreal…fell apart when i picked it up. I use no water in the pan
and use bricks (pizza oven bricks)…works awesome. Thanks for the advice.
Do you have a great potato salad recipe for superbowl. I live in Colorado
and want to impress!!. I have a great rub!…wanna trade?..Hope your new
year is going great…enjoy the show…I’m going to get a damn POP!!!

jontork478 says:

Hi JB. Love the video’s. I wanted to smoke meats for a while now and last
week I bought a El chepo Brinkmann. haha. I added a real temp gauge and
legs on outside for tending the coals. For my first adventure, I wanted to
do a brisket. Good lord and smallest one I could find was 15 lbs boy. So,
I cut it in half, well almost. The piece I cooked was 6.2 lbs. Texas
style rub, yumm. I smoked it for 4.5 hrs then 2.5 hrs just coal, 7 hrs
total. The end pieces were very tender but at the center got a little
tough. I’m assuming I needed more cook time? Should I wrap the brisket in
foil after 4 to 5 hrs? The brisket was not dry but wasn’t moist either.
Would you believe I couldn’t find a working meal thermometer? When I woke
up to cook, I was so hung over…..but pushed on. Thanks for the vids.

Ken E says:

NUCULAR BBQ 101.007 Just pay attention boys and girls. Thank you JB your
the best BOY:):):)

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Ah yes the old Texas Crutch method, Some folks swear by it. I don’t use it,
mine come out perfect by controlling all the variables. Years of experience
or practice makes perfect in my case

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Welcome & thanks

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

A Cajun Lizard

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Weber Smokey Mountains are set & forget. Onece set they hold that temp till
the fuel burns out

GrillingNetwork™ says:

Another Great Video!! Keep them coming!!

Copperfoilhat says:

A maple syrup and brown sugar glaze might go well on the ribs. Sort of like
candied bacon.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Pop’s (beer) help

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