Meat Pie Recipe

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Australia’s greatest contribution to the culinary world – the great Aussie MEAT PIE!!!

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Vincent Ho says:

Thanks ! Great editing too !

Mele Tuivai says:

You missed the cheese

Sarah Jozik says:


kudos7777 says:

The Aussie meat pie?? im pretty certain its not just an Aussie thing, different places have their own version of a meat pie.

Damian Giddens says:

This looks very good! Just one comment however. Wouldn't you put the red wine in before the stock?

foreverstricken says:

Made this tonight for the wife who never had a meat pie because it’s not common in the US. Came out terrific. Cheers 🍻 mate from the US 🇺🇸

G F says:

That's the BEST meat pie I have ever seen.

rajsantiago says:

Tried it – didn’t work out for me . Suspect the whole bottle of wine (750ml) had something to do with it …

J A says:

Did you use a red wine that was sweet?

Kenneth Smith says:

Wish they would put oven temp and times. Looks good will give it a go. I can never get my cooked meat to look like that,but hey ho

Dee Filiaga says:

What are the white balls that you put to hold the wax paper?

Greg VanDam says:

Can we have measurement of each ingredients please

Darryl Buckett says:

my taste would be change the red wine for a good stout, but either still makes a great pie. Cheers

Gamer films says:

Yum yum in my gum tum

Alaska Jack says:

Wowwy wow wow!! 😳 🥧 pie makes the world a better place to live. 😛

Elaine Tafili says:

Salivating over these 🍽️🤤🤤

Harry Bond says:

Pretty good pie, rates a 9 on the Bond scale, however it is not necessary to blind bake the bottom pastry, as long as the filling is cold and the oven is hot you will not get a soggy bottom

Tye Lowe says:

What does red wine mean? Does that mean red wine vinegar?

FeCuZn says:

Cannot upvote this enough…!!! Its outstanding, and the gravy OMG

Dominic The Wolf says:

I’ve never had a meat pie, but now I’m considering trying one.

Dan the man says:

Australias contribution, what a bunch of bs. where do Australians think meat pies came from

aiden6222 says:

Made these, way to much wine and not enough depth of flavour, still good thou

Richard Vollo says:

Made a whole lot of mistakes making this recipe. All good though. Lessons learned.

Ekeyo Bassey says:

And by the way, absolutely perfect pie

Ekeyo Bassey says:

What is the white ball-like things that you poured in the crust before baking? And is that necessary to get the meat pie right. We don't have it here!

Saray Flinn says:

Looks so good

pandapanda says:

Meat pie just looks perfect like you would find it in a pub!

Ken Hunt says:

I would improve it by adding beef kidney.

Child of Yashua says:

Watched your video this morning, it looked delicious and easy for beginners. Decided to make it and it came out AMAZING, IT TASTES SOOO DELICIOUS MY FAMILY LOVED IT!! Thank you soo much!! This is my first time making a pie and I'm soo proud of myself. Thank you for this delicious recipe!. <3 Definitely adding this recipe to my top recipes!!

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