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Close check out this amazing Mediterranean Lamb chop recipe a must see recipe that is one of the best lamb chop recipes. For this lamb chop …

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nickfrank1 says:

what was the oven temp love?

Assnballsify says:

I love your chefs jacket.

Shaamz Muhamad says:

You did not mention about the oven temperature …It will be helpful

MrTjcomedy says:

mllee2008, I was never a fan of rosemary either, however if used in the
right amounts I have become a big fan of it now. Give it another try.

nvedcoochii says:

I did this recipe over the weekend it was soo tasty thank you love your
videos!! Xoxo

DedeMed says:

just a little bit :)

misteeq64 says:

Love lamb chops but with 5 teenagers in this house cost to much lol

rmcdaniel423 says:

Hey Dede, Could the baking step be done in a Dutch Oven if I was camping
and cooking over a campfire with nice coals? I’m starting to plan a Hafla
for a big group camping event I attend every year, and I want to serve a
memorable spread of food.

DedeMed says:

the written recipe is on my site at

DedeMed says:

I know you’ll like it :)

Mostafa Darwish says:

hello thanks for the recipe i did it with beef ribs it’s great keep up the
good work

DedeMed says:

@rmcdaniel423 wonderful tip thanks :)

DedeMed says:

the meat may not have been good, try cooking it at a lower temperature if
it was to smokey

Techeeka Johnson says:


kokonutbaby1 says:

Looks good, Dede..I tried cooking lamb chops before I had bought at the
supermarket but they turned out smelling and tasting like a walking lamb,
lol..gag! How do u get that wild taste out of the lamb? It reminded me of
eating wild game.

TheMrpalid says:

no salt and pepper?

mllee2008 says:

Hi, thanks so much for the recipe. Since i have never been a fan of
rosemary, what other herb would work good with the lamb? Have a great

Grant Goodman says:

@xnermeenx .. try some ev olive oil in the pan when you brown them. Also, I
wouldn’t cook them with as much heat, no offense intended dede but you
shouldn’t have chunks of meat stuck to the bottom of the pan when you’re
cooking. Lastly, to have less of a gamy taste, be sure to wash them
thoroughly and with the lemon juice you’re going to use in the recipe, just
let the chops soak in that 15-30 minutes before you start cooking them.

DedeMed says:

@luxor3053 lol…well that’s good, did you try the recipe yet?

DedeMed says:

@mhyrz0727 did you like it?

Stain1973 says:

I just got done cooking my chops.Good call on the fresh rosemary. Nice
simple and delicious. Thanks.

Mediterranean Book says:

Amazing video, and of course, an amazing dish.

DedeMed says:

@Lilly1Flower Just add it to your list of grocery to buy :)

DedeMed says:

@styrobuzz wonderful, I’m glad you found your way to make it :)

rachmat hs says:

Lamb chop..possible yo make a soup?

Alfredo Di Stefano says:

Hi Dede. One comment I would add here. If you using New Zealand or
Australian lamb meat, the rosemary is OK because the meat is gamey and the
rosemary tend to neutralize the strong taste. If you are using Aamerican
lamb meat, be careful. The rosemary might overwhelm the lamb meat. On
American meat I used garlic and extra virgin olive oil instead of rosemary
and worked great.

DedeMed says:

@TheMrpalid yes of course there is, watch the video again, the written out
recipe is on my site as well :)

KalosKage says:

where r u from? just to know what culture I am following here. R U Lebanese

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