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Bai is a delicious vegetarian soupy stew from Mizoram in North East India. The beautiful dish is healthy, comforting and perfect on any day. The vegetables and rice is filling and its basic and you can always experiment it with different combination of vegetables. Although the dish is traditionally prepared with pork lard (condensed fat), I am using replacing it with butter to keep it vegetarian. Why don’t you try out this authentic Mizo recipe and drop your comments.
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Stephen Wang says:

Hi, thanks for another delicious recipe. I just to know where are you from?

hming hmingi says:

what's with all the mizo's complaining "this is not what we called 'Bai'," every household have our own recipe, she done it right only she can not use the pork fat because it is vegetarian stew and no baking soda, beside that everything is perfect.

Zoram Version says:

hey looks good and delicious❤ but this is not how we make bai in mizoram, I would love to help you out with the recipe and work together😊.

[[sparkly purple]] says:

It is bai but not how mizo makes it, you should have just called it bai instead of including mizo in in it. that way your not in the wrong but looks delicious darling❤❤

Angaii Tulip says:

Not Baiiiiiiiiiiiiii…😂😂

Ruth Nunpuii says:

Your cute😍😍😍love from Mizoram

Vanlalfeli Mafeli says:

I am Mizo, respect ur attempt in making Bai. But we don't make Bai like ur recipe, don't know whoever told u the recipe, I believe it tastes horrible. Sorry.

mystique jajajjajaa says:

You are cute… i like the way you present

sanjit debbarma says:

Where u from?? I like ur video.. M from tripura

Lal Chharliani says:

Nice attempt anyway

Crystal Marak says:

No hate, but why do you talk like that. You sound like the lady on children's videos. It's kinda annoying

Kim Jong un says:

Why u talk like that???


Im from mizoram but i dont know this kind of bai sister?

1996 Mar says:

Well done.👍👍

Biak Par says:

Why you sound like that?

tey tey says:

😘 from.mizoram

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