Mom’s Cajun style pot roast beef

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My mom’s recipe.

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doggieGZ says:

AYYY BOAAAAHHH Awsome recipe bro

easein says:

Well, since you won’t adopt me, guess I’ll just have to make this damn
thing myself this weekend. And HEY, don’t you ever use the word ‘lovely’
again. Otherwise, you’re going to have to become a food-network judge!

JessicaPersonalChef says:

This is my hubby’s fav meal!

ezkill99 says:

looks as good as ever JB thanks for sharing

HKLesterol says:

my mom wouls never make this – looks like theres too much effort involved –
when she cooks she just throws evrything in the pot sprinkles a lil pepper
and tons bay leaf which i hate! then just throws it oven and walks away –
the only time i eat any sorta meal with flavor is if i make it myself

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

Hey what’s that cast iron thing with the wooden handle on your back left

frankcoffee says:

@007bondjb If it was HD It would take you a couple of hours just to upload
and me a couple of hours buffering. LOL.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@NSarge87 Lots of oil makes the browning easyer, Do they sell LeSueur
brand, they’re better than frozen

Rebecka says:

YUM! I have gotta try this recipe :) Nice one J.B….

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@skoggit The roast makes it’s own stock, adding canned stock is a waste,
The added water do need salt, thats why I added beef bouillon cubes

NSarge87 says:

that was so much oil you were almost deep frying the roast! JB you shoulda
dumped it before. It is much harder to de-fat after you add the other
liquids. And I see you are still using that butta knife… Looks delicious
though. I guess I will use frozen peas as I can’t get dubois here. War Eagle

pooterosa says:

Couldn’t find a shoulder roast so I am trying this with a chuck under blade

skoggit says:

Hey JB, Instead of adding water couldn’t you add either beef stock or beef
broth to the pot? Take care!

BeeRich33 says:

“Peu-tit”, not pee tee, Boy! It means small…kinda like an American
brisket. LOL.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Put em in for the last hour

Garnett M. says:

looks real good but I sure like Rib steaks with lots of marbling Can do
anything to em specially in the slow cooker .

NeuMasterful says:

Cant wait till you make some poboys!

pooterosa says:

How much time is needed between adding the carrots and then the potatoes?
I’m having a serious brain fart today, BOY!!! LOL

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@NeuMasterful Search my channel for debris poboys or new orleans debris po

Jason Giddens says:

I have one in the fridge. I guess I will cook it tomorow thanks for the
idea JB.

anmoose says:

JB, I think my Mom and your Mom must’ve hung out together. That’s my kinda
pot roast. It just doesn’t get any better.

TWninja says:

@007bondjb I have, many times. She still don’t like it though.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@electronictrip I must have overlooked it, Send it again

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

That will work fine too

tshuart73 says:

Make it same as Momma. Got to be good.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@TWninja Try my way,

NeuMasterful says:

@007bondjb Thanks!


jb you gotta do a video of you best SLAP YA MAMMA……….LOVE THE VIDEO

TWninja says:

I don’t understand, my grandma is totaly opposite. She’ll never add
seaoning to any thing other than salt and pepper. She HATES HATES garlic
and onions. And she cooks meat way too long, expecialy in the oven. She
don’t brown a roast first either and if she adds carrots the meat ends up
tasting like carrot. Now she grew up in coal mine fields here in WV. Maybe
they just never got any cajun recipes….

Mama Row says:

Hey that looks good! I sent you a recipe for pot roast a while back – didja
try it out yet? bet you’d go “Yum!” if ya ate it!

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

A bacon press

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@frankcoffee Good thing my camera aint HD huh?

superbros779 says:

Hey Boy!!!, nice recipe.

frankcoffee says:

Your video is a 112 megs. That is HUGE. It takes a long time to stream and
upload. I have seen videos that are over 10 min. that are at only 46 megs.
This has to do with video compression I believe.

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