Navarin of Lamb (French lamb stew) | Classic French Recipes

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BECOME A STUDENT OF OUR FRENCH ONLINE CULINARY SCHOOL TODAY! This video recipe gives you step by step instructions on how to make an authentic lamb navarin which is a classic lamb casserole dish.

It is an entry level recipe that is easy to realize at home. cost wise that recipe is fairly inexpensive as It uses lamb shoulder meat. This dish in French is called Navarin d’agneau but it can be translated as a lamb stew recipe.

The ingredients below are enough to cater for 4 people.

Ingredients for the Navarin:

Lamb shoulder 800 grams without the bone.
100 grams of carrots
100 grams of onions
2 cloves of garlic
20 g of tomato paste
20 grams of flour
20 grams of butter
5cl of oil (with high smoke point)
1 bouquet Garni
a small bunch of curly Parsley
a few pinch of salt and pepper
6 potatoes (suited for boiling)

For the caramelized onions:
250 of pearl or small pickling onions.
10 grams of sugar
20 grams of butter
enough water just to cover the onions.

Link to the video on caramelised onions:

The stew pan used in this video:

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buddhasattva says:

I know this as Navarin d'agneau.

bardo state says:

Peanut oil is PUFA and extremely unhealthy. Use ghee, beef fat or tallow instead. Besides, peanut is not a nut, it's a legume.

joltmanify says:

absolutely delicious, I will definitely be making this one of my favourite dishes. thankyou, you are amazing!!

ho lo says:

where the meat ……

Miquelito Coskun says:

big respect from Amsterdam

Fiskrond says:

Ok… maybe 200g meat, say 1½ potato, some of this and some of that per portion…. approximate the ingredients and cook by proven method but also use instinct..
So many other cooking vids aim for clinical exactness.. good to see a chef cooking in a way that viewers can identify with.. bravo!! :-)

Greebo says:

How on Earth do you claim this recipe to be "The Real French Lamb Navarin"? Arrogant much? Recipes like this vary from village to village. I have a recipe from Robert Carrier he picked up in a village, and i'll bet it's better than yours, simply because he doesn't claim his is "real". Fuck off.

M MV says:

mute and watch. he keeps talking without a single break and omg – french sounding english

M MV says:

starts at 2:37 after lot of yuk yuk

CuddlyBear Red says:

Them taters is too perty fer cookin.

Sameer Khan says:

Great recipe

james redmond says:

Who is this genius? I've never heard of him. I've just used this recipe and the end result was better than any navarin I've tried in restaurants. Always good to stumble on vids like this, where the host actually knows what he's talking about.

Pete 952 says:

Another (sadly) example of why French restaurants are extinct in America. If your family of four orders this menu item, well there goes the entire night.

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