New Year's Eve Dinner Ideas | #CAJUN Recipes | Quick & Easy Appetizers

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New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas | #CAJUN Recipes | Quick & Easy Appetizers
Hi, friends! My favorite part of New Year’s Eve growing up was cooking with family. These cajun recipes are quick and easy appetizers to share with the whole family on New Year’s Even. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know which one of these tasty holiday recipes is your favorite!! Lots of love! ~ Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren Weible. I’m a twenty-two year old wife and engineer working in STEM. Because I work in a predominantly male environment, I am passionate about encouraging women to pursue their dreams and potential. Throughout college, I was told that my engineering degree was a waste of time since my true dream is to be a stay-at-home mom. But I don’t see it that way! I have been incredibly blessed to gain experience in a corporate setting, and now my dream is to shift towards full-time content creation RIGHT HERE ON MY NEW CHANNEL!!! I never would have imagined joining the YouTube community, and I’m so thankful for each day with you all!!

I would love for you to subscribe and join this amazing community for lots of content related to working women, motivation, cleaning, decorating, organization, meal prep, and so much more!

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Shwetaxoxo says:

I love the presentation of the meal. It’s so good! Deviled eggs look super mouth watering. So yummy!! Joined your fam!

Ana Carreno*English says:

omg I wish I can like the sound of Worcestershire sauce 😅 but my Spanglish kicked in and for the love of god I cannot pronounced it right 🤦🏻‍♀️😅, i think that will have to be my 2021 goal 😁, love boils eggs 🥚 not the yoke though 😬, 😋, my boys love them on Easter time, this will be on my list I have never try it with sweet pickle relish 😮. You presented it beautifully , this can also be so perfect for Valentine’s night 🥰

Amal Ali says:

Stay connected and plzzz feedback ❤️❤️😍

Its Helen's Life says:

Yum all looks so great! That cheese ball looks amazing!

Keeping up With Kristy says:

Hey new subscriber 😀! Just found your channel and looking forward to seeing more videos. We should support each other! would love to have you part of my YouTube family as well. I just released a video today with a cheese ball recipe also. I would love to try yours sometime. I love spicy 🔥! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The smaller half says:

Ooh I always make deviled eggs for family get togethers too 😊 My parents and sister in law always ask me to bring them . Haha we make the same stuff , glad you shared this 👍

The smaller half says:

Cheese balls are my families favorite! I make one every Thanksgiving and Christmas! This recipe looks good I’ll have to try it!


I want to wish you a happy new year 2021 .. I hope you will be more successful .. always happy and healthy😊

Meghan Smith says:

Ur stunning wow, lets hold hands under rainbows lol ahahah. Sorry im weird…Meow

Best Day Ever says:

Deviled Eggs are my FAVORITE! A little kick to it!? SIGN ME UP! I'm all about that kick! 😍

Best Day Ever says:

Hey girlie. Here watching! Hope you had a nice Christmas! Happy New Years! You make me want to start cooking! (I don't cook much-im afraid to poison everyone-lol) but you are inspiring me!

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