No Talk cooking 6 : Easiest Japanese Popular Breakfast / TKG好きですか?

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Just mix → Done
: 1 bowl of steamed rice (sticky rice / sushi rice)
: 1 fresh egg
: Soy sauce (not old one)

* You can add a drop of sesame oil to enhance the flavor. Anything you like to add, it’d be your original TKG. I sometimes use black pepper, beni-shoga(pickled ginger), or ra-yu (chili sesame oil) .

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– runnyrunny999

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YellowChild says:

i eat this all the time its so yummy!! and im in the US and haven’t ever got sick from the raw egg before (and i eat this very often, sometimes a few times a week) and it’s unlikely you’ll actually get sick from raw eggs. sometimes i have this with a bit of mayo, idk why but i just think it’s suuuuper yummy that way

Original Boi says:

Looks delicious, I lowkey envy Japan with their fresh af eggs and their several ways of cooking them

joke pi says:

Not that I can't accept it…the taste isn't just my type is all~

FlylikeaBr1an says:

For those of you that are afraid of eating this raw, nuke it in the microwave for 1 minute and the texture is mostly the same but it cooks the egg through

Sauce Miester says:

That is a mother fucking raw egg

thet thu says:

I’m not even Japanese and I ate it during dinner this evening. Obviously I need more than that for my dinner and I’m on a one-egg-a-meal diet so I had to eat it together with other food, but I was so craving for it and it was really yummy!

Banana God says:

How to eat it safe:
Take room temp egg and put in a Hot water(not boiling)

2.Make sure your rice is steaming hot (See what i did there?)

3.make a hole and crack the egg.

4.The egg should be watery and the rice heat should be enough to kill the salmonella

Angara Barbell says:

lmao salmonella

greenlizardballs says:

i understood gohan

Jae says:

Ye no I haven’t researched much but all ik is don’t do this in America… idk where y’all get ur eggs but it’s definitely different from Japan’s so just to avoid and problems just don’t do this at all… fry it instead :)

Charles Kennedy says:

I would fry this

Physiology Shark says:

Well, that was quick 😐

꾹토끼 says:

Here's mine
Fried rice with fried onions and sliced hotdogs with egg.

zero X says:

The easiest for me was Rice+Fried onions+Sweet soy sauce
Or Rice+butter

Cheap and simple 😏

Robert Argueville says:

I love eggs


You got a motor mouth.

Taki san says:

Lots of raw eggs= Salmonella

Search it up yourself

Lytl Red Rabet Hode says:

For folk living in 'murica I recommend cooking your eggs over easy for this breakfast. You'll still have plenty of egg juice to mix into your rice, and will be less likely to get the egg death.

Rain Fallz says:

It was disgusting. But when I put the soya sauce and ignored the slimy texture, ITS DELICIOUS ASFFFF.

Buff The Nazi Slayer says:

Can it be microwaved?

Kingdom Hearts peasant says:

For those concerned with salmonella

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) considers it safe to use raw eggs if they are pasteurized. Bottom Line: Raw eggs may contain a type of pathogenic bacteria called Salmonella, which can cause food poisoning. However, the risk of an egg being contaminated is quite low.Jul 23, 2016

mixtapestray says:

bruh we getting salmonella 😍

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