Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie

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Brenden Dahle shares his family’s recipe for Arkansas pumpkin pie.

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James Aksamit says:

how perfectly he makes this pie is just amazing. and his love for his mom <3

Ninjaananas says:

Too much talk.

Mae Blue says:

Amazing I am going to make this <3

kareer-fenty says:

I tried 3 different recipes and this one was the best! Highly recommend!

Pam R. says:

Me gusta que no se hornea la base

Alicia Nyblade says:

This is the best pumpkin pie recipe ever. I first tried it around New Year's and loved it, then I made it for Thanksgiving 2019 and brought it to share with the whole family and everyone thought it was fantastic. The heavily-spiced filling is just gorgeous and the cinnamon in the crust is a work of absolute genius. Thank you and bravo to your grandma and mom for this recipe, and thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Blessed be. )O(

Valerie Palos says:

It is no Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie or even Pecan Pie!

Heather Botha says:

Im from south Africa and we do not eat pumpkin pie at all
What is it?

Krystle Lopez says:

I just made this pie for thanksgiving and man everybody loved it! Especially the crust is like eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the filling is so custardy, not too sweet and has a nice pumpkin spice to it. Great recipe! The first tasty recipe I actually made too 🤣

Xbear Tv says:

I'm going to use this recipe today wish me luck

Keyboard Warrior says:

He can bake. He’s seriously handsome. He’s smart. He loves his momma. This means one of 2 things :

He’s either gay or taken already 🤦🏻‍♀️

Beatrix of Belgravia says:

I like how he doesn’t have this hallmark family story and was like yeah sometimes it’s just me and my mom..my brother if he makes it

emmy Okay says:

Hey guys I just wanted to say that this recipe uses a bit too much sugar everything is perfect, just that pie came out too sweet, maybe it’s just preference but my whole family said it was too much, just wanted to let you know, have a great day!

Jennifer Dobrosielski says:

Did anyone else have trouble with the crust being really dry? I haven't cut into the pie yet but an edge broke off (chefs treat!) And I popped it in my mouth and…. dust! Dry, dry, dry! I'm so disappointed! I had high hopes for this one! Maybe itll be different inside? Let me know how yours was!

Britnee De LA Vega says:

I know I’m supposed to focus on the recipe but it’s hard when you have someone like that in the video 😍

Mónica Méndez says:

Chill for how long? 30 minutes ?

M Campbell says:

Thank you. It was difficult getting through the horrible inflection disorder. I could not tell if you were saying or asking. Nice recipe though :)

brandon krause says:

Great video, but fak man slow down a bit, your giving me whiplash. :p

Momma O says:

wow it looks great, way to go!

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