Papa G's Low Carb Recipes Vol 1 │ Low Carb Keto Cookbook

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Over 90 of my favorite recipes compiled in one, easy to read, E-Recipe Cookbook.


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All nutrition information provided is approximate. Please read and use your own labels for more precise information.

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Papa G's Low Carb Recipes says:

Be sure to 📌 SUBSCRIBE & click the “🔔” for more recipes and thanks for watching!

Paola Molinari says:

I’m so getting this book!! Thanks!

Arlene Hernandez says:

Hi there. I came across your channel a few days ago. I'm very impressed with your recipes. You should consider putting out a hard copy also. I would buy it in a heart beat. Thanks for keeping it simple.

Jen's Life says:

Could I get this printed out and binded? Office Depot said as long as it's not copyrighted I can. Is it copyrighted? I want to buy this but I would need it in paper form.

Jim Forrester says:

Just downloaded my copy. So glad to have these Papa G creations all in one spot!!

Wendy Crabtree says:


John Lea says:

I must clear things up. Papa G’s has been working very hard with to correct this problem. He and his staff have worked very hard to make me happy. Still trying to resolve it and 🤞🏼crossed. If it doesn’t work,we tried as a team. I will still follow this Good Mn on his You-Tube feed.

John Lea says:

I seem to be the only one who cannot down load the book and keep it. One day I’m looking through my book which was downloaded and can’t wait to get started,then a couple of days later I’m told it was not downloaded. I’ve got the e-mails say all was good,now it’s not.

Ken Mills says:

Can you make it so I can buy on kindle?

Amy Johnson says:

Congratulations, I really wish I could get a hardcover copy of the actual book, but I understand the expense in putting that together. I see I can print but that would be too much printing to make the book myself.

Hell's favorite Salty Masshole says:

Reasonable price too

CreationsbyChelda says:

Thanks Papa G, I just bought my copy!

R J says:

So excited. When I am looking for a Keto friendly recipe, I check Papa G first!

Dzyerda1TV says:

#Priceless Thank you. Purchasing ASAP

Joanne Bixby says:

Not able to purchase in Canada :(

Tammy Ellison says:

got my copy

Twisted Gypsy says:

Great video 💜💜Thanks for sharing. Just subscribed. 😁I have a channel too. I would love to support each other 💜

The Low Carb Canuck says:

Awesome job! I'll grab my copy in the morning.

john balogna says:

Just ordered thanks I have always enjoyed your recipes

Patty LeVasseur says:

you are just plain awesome papa thank you !!!!!

Zahra Vee says:

Congratulations Pops G!! I love your recipes!

Marie Pula says:

This is great, thank you

Renea Riffel Momma Bear Keto says:

Super Cool ..

Stuart Pierce says:

How exciting!!
Have to get this book! thanks Jennifer 😄👍

Rebekah Atchrimi says:

Just purchased…Ive tried several of your recipes and I've loved them all. Looking forward to trying more now that I have your e-cookbook!

S Hughes says:

Do the nutritional details reflect both total and net carbs or just net? Thank you!

Brian Kelley says:

I ordered mine! I also shared this with everyone in our “A Walk In My Shoes” Keto/Low Carb Facebook group.

pa2kasa says:

Congratulations, I'm sure all recipes are amazing!!

Beverly Abner says:

Yay Papa!!! Woke up to Happy New . and I must say I am not surprised it is perfectly done thank you thank you thank you people who are now starting keto can have victory and not wander in the wilderness like we beginners did!!!!

Marty Kirby says:

Awesome Papa G … I'll be ordering asap 👍

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