Perfect Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Chops 🥩 | Easter Lamb Chops Recipe

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Hey Family! Easter is almost here, so I’m sharing my Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Chops recipe. Great for the Holidays or any occasion. Thank you so much for watching. 💋 I hope you enjoy!

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Claudia Hayes says:

Dear, you're killing that cast iron skillets. Use silicone or rubber spatula, but I'm going to try this tonight.

william clune says:

Love the vid keep it up

Mark Smith says:

I love good black culture 🙏

Patriot 1776 says:

They look great! Can’t imagine how amazing your kitchen must’ve smelled. Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm!!!

Olioliox says:

im 11 i made this on my own and this was delicous second time having lamb thanks for the good video

Rose White says:

Ms . T, , love your recipe , by the way , what is the souse by the side of lamb chop ?

Rose White says:

Thank you Ms.T. I never make lamb chop before . First time to learn how to cook lamb chop by following your recipe . My family everyone like it . Thank you very much !!!

Pamela Boone says:

Did you make the sauce?

murrayjamaal7 says:

Hey Ms T! My ole lady and I are using your recipe tonight! We’ll let you know how they turn out.

Ashley Robinson says:

I made this tonight for my family and they loved it. Thanks!

Kenja 'BlackButterfly' Brown says:

New suscriber. Cooking this for my Inauguration day celebration meal!.

Chuong Nguyen says:

Your cooking looks better than Gordon Ramsey

Artesia Lewis says:

Yummy. Thanks for the great video. I look forward to cooking lamb chops

Tish Cowans says:

I didn't see the link for the Greek sauce. Can you please share recipe

joseph findlay says:

I think you need a little more garlic….

Vernisa Carty says:

Those bangles was distracting

Lovely_nae says:

Where's the recipe for the sauce

Britt Huff says:

Share the ingredients please

Michael Perry says:

Damn those chops look good.

Jazmine Snowden says:

Trying to find the ingredients for the sauce, is it still up??

Muriel Tenney says:

Where is the recipe for the tzat sauce

Proper G says:

I can’t find lamp chops with the stick attached

TUYETNGA Trần says:

That look good tasty thanks for sharing delicious food happy new day

Semone Callahan says:

Thank you Queen
I will be making this tonight for dinner…. wish me luck 💜

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