Pork rind recipe ideas

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It’s time to get snackin’! Discover new flavors and recipe ideas!
For pork rind and pig skin recipes more recipe ideas see these links ; https://www.facebook.com/SouthernRecipe

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Andrew Rose says:

Miss those bbq'n drinking messing up your kitchen and driving the wife crazy videos JB

Eric Miller says:

This is an ad?

Chub Texas says:

How’s Mrs JB?

1WickedAngel1 says:

Hey Boy!! Good To See Ya!!❤️

Artie Makris says:

Good see your channel come through my feed. Hope to see more.

JoeHell67 says:

see the messages below…. 'nuff said!

Joe from Germany

Harry Nutsack says:

Good to see ver videos again 🙃

JonWashburn says:

Thanks JB. What would you consider to be the "softest" pork rinds?

Olivia Bruce says:

So good to see you back Love it! I love pork rinds specially the spicy kind.

정전옥Land says:

Kimchi BBQ mmm😎♨️🐷

Mijemu mijemu says:

Been a while there you are.

KarDiac kiD says:

Sell Em JB yea Boyy

Ruby Duma says:

Aboy agirl abye

Garnett McLay says:

Hi Jeff How you been Bud Long time no hear , I definately can`t do these anymore .LOL

Brandy says:

I miss you and your videos, ahhh boy! Come back Cajun dad! ❤️

Jerry Foltz says:

Hey JB. Hope you're coming back

CMB says:

Hey JB. It’s really great to have a video from you. Hope you are well. ahh boy!

henry bob swillikers says:

Yeah Boy!! Hope all is good!

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