raisin bread recipe with atta & bread maker | sultana bread recipe | cinnamon raisin bread

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full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/raisin-bread-recipe-sultana-bread-recipe/

ATTA & BREAD MAKER: bit.ly/2Y2J9ig

Music: http://www.hooksounds.com/

raisin bread recipe | sultana bread recipe | cinnamon raisin bread with detailed photo and video recipe. an interesting and innovative way of preparing homemade bread with plain flour and dry sultana’s. basically, the recipe is an extension to the traditional bread recipe which is generally served as raisin toast. it is typically served as toast with butter applied on top of it and served for breakfast or for an evening snack.

raisin bread recipe | sultana bread recipe | cinnamon raisin bread with step by step photo and video recipe. homemade bread recipes are very common and are made with different flour or with different ingredients. the typical bread is with just plain flour which is served for various purpose. but there are other types of bread where mixed fruits are added and raisin bread is one such recipe and is an ideal bread for morning breakfast.

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Priya Rao says:

You have mentioned atta but u have used maida which s not healthy… Pls correct it

Amaid Khan says:

Wow nice Machine 👌

binoy tk says:

Super …. like it..

Laveena Lavi says:

U have mentioned atta but its maida u hav used very unhealthy

Neha says:

This bread maker takes a lot to time to make the bread may 2- 3 hours.

Naidu Battina says:

Plzz make whole grain bread its healthy na

Gayatri Mestry says:

Awesome 😍😍

Vijay Jambudia says:

Please tell me the cost of it? And from where will I purchase?

Radhika J says:

It's not healthy, it's just far less chemicals. Even if you replace maida with whole wheat or multi grain atta.

vijay says:

Can you please prepare potatoe bun… please

Arc R says:

Sponsored video

Sowmya Ravi Kumar says:

She didn’t mention “healthy” anywhere. Not in the video title or snapshot.. it is a promoting video and raisin bread video.. see description of the video she did mention to use other ingredients instead of maida..please criticise after you view the whole video…
P. S. Hebbar, thank you for posting a video everyday…keep it up…

Ayisha M says:

Pls show with WHEATFLOUR too

Aishwarya Ragavendra says:

Nice video but would like to say “ Maida, oil , yeast won’t come under healthy options . We can add once in a while but not regularly. So follow these type of recipes in your leisure days.

sushma bhat says:

Your almost all recipes are unhealthy because you always use maida as main ingredient. Why can't you replace maida by wheat and show how to make recipes.


I would like to know if we can make wheat bread? And it comes out as good as this in the Kent bread machine

Pure Cooking says:

Good one but i prefer hand made and without oven

Renu Sahota says:

How much rupees

Aradhika Devi Dasi says:

This Machine available online on Amazon at 6500/-

Sandhya Vijay says:


V Darshini says:

Where can we buy the automatic bread machine

Ashwin Kumar says:

Maida can never be healthy neither yeast

Sultana Tafheem says:

Hi feeling hhappy to see ur recipe with my name I just love it

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