Rie's Favorite Japanese Noodle Dishes • Tasty

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Yakisoba, udon, and ramen, which one is your favorite?

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Mariam Hassan says:

I’m litterally In love with her she’s so cute 😫❤️

fun with Soham Banerjee says:

I think Rie is japanese since she looks and talks like that and talk about japanese food.

CaylaQT says:

I love carbonara udon 😊

maitulis xd says:

i love rie so much, shes an little angel😭💓😇💫😭

HAZ MAT says:

Beautiful Dishes! 💙

Anjali Rana says:

Rie plz.do "Make it fancy " videos…i really love it fancy ramen and Mac n cz

no one says:

She has to be a a Pokémon. There isn't any other way to explain why she's so adorable. 😍

Joy McKenzie Wendt says:

Thank you for sharing this! (:

ピザPizza says:

Die stop making me hungry :( 😂

xX_Gacha_Amelia_BTS_Xx says:

Ok Im hu gry im going to eat ramen ;-;

tkochica says:

can someone translate the measurements PLEASE?

Riley Hamm says:

Why is Rie the goat

0ion says:


Gina Cordova says:

I wish I wasn't allergic to legumes. All of this looks so yummy!

Yumna Numdiy says:

I'm eating noodles while watching this loll 😂mmmm I loveeee noodles and ramen 💕♥️🔥

Spaz Spazzerton says:

💖💖💖 Rie! 💖💖💖 I'm so glad she does more onscreen stuff now. She's too adorable not to!

Aditi Mehta says:

Hope David tries these

Robin Dude says:

Kitsune Udon tho

Anderite says:

Rie looks like an asian version of Colette from ratatouille

Ingi Elgamil says:

Who was watch my this while eating noodles? 😆

Winnie the tooth says:

Excuse me, Chao mien is from China

Gacha Wolf says:

No offense but am I the only one who doesn't like eggplant

Cool Vibes says:

Me: watching video
Rie: making good japanese food
Me: * cries eating plain noodles*

mAd weeb says:

ive only ever had instant ramen T_T

Crimsonthemum Chrysallia says:

rie ♥
noodle ♥

Carat 1004 says:

I think Rie should listen to Fancy by Twice 💕

MUFFAN man says:

Me: walks into school
Thot: 3:12

mynameweiwei says:

I love rie❤

Swantje Foolcan says:

Thank you so much for the cold Udon recipe.😭🙏 My host mum in Japan made it for me. Okaasan is such a good cook and I really miss her food. She also taught me how to make Gyouza 😊

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