River Cottage | Gill’s Chinese Ribs Recipe

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Another toothsome recipe from River Cottage HQ Head Chef, Gillon Meller. For more seasonal recipes, visit http://www.rivercottage.net/seasonalrecipes/ Visit …

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Rex Roof says:

new years ideas´╗┐

lafatbiche says:

Mmmm I just love ribs! What about putting them under the grill after
boiling so they are really crispy? Anyway keep up the good work and ….
chicken out!!! :-)

yoramaratesme says:

@lumpfish99 its a show about a smallholder. just to spell it out for you.

yuexkyo2 says:

dr who must be getting the best of me. i kept hearing ‘dalek’ when gill
says ‘garlic’. lol.

LuvTheSnapper says:


LordBiggart says:

Superb, will do it today.

mcguapa says:

what are yu on about??? this guy is fantastic in every way!!! perfect man
if you ask me!! chef and gorgeaus!

theproducegarden says:

good recipe!

salman12322 says:

1:04 the trotter on the left is smaller

jenny22kn says:

I love Hugh!!

lumpfish99 says:

have you eaten real chinese food?

yoramaratesme says:

@lumpfish99 methinks you dont get the point of this show

Chenglor92 says:

try with with rice.

lsmike says:

Hugh Fearlessly Eats-it-All. Awesome!!!

Hardonica says:

Both of my ex’s (difficult to believe, but that is a legitimate use of the
inverted comma there) really fancied Gill – which I wouldn’t mind, but I
look nothing like him! Still, I’m the winner because I hetero-fancy Hugh.
Get me!

trotchye says:

Yum yum! I’m hungry now!

phewa says:

Sorry to lower the tone – but tell Gill he is lovely looking – a real
cutie! (PS – yes – recipe looks good too) :-)

lumpfish99 says:

did this dude say if it looks like a tough job you can ask your butcher but
if its your own pig??? IF ITS YOUR OWN PIG????

robert justus says:

i like pigs feet but i like them pickled

Ludlow889 says:

@3:35 What? British butchers would throw away the pork ribs? Man, in
America we pay good money for ribs. Barbecued ribs are a hugely popular
delicacy here.

retrobertie says:

going to try it tonight. cant wait!looks realy good.

ipanemarie says:

Gill is sooo hot! I love this show, Hugh is funny, but when Gill is on
screen, that’s when my mouth really starts to water. :)

Darknessattack says:

this guy isn’t quite as charismatic as hugh.

sundaeg1rl says:

No-one can resist the charms of an earthy Capricorn, especially one who can

theproducegarden says:

i lived in china, so yes!

theproducegarden says:

good recipe!

Tom Davies says:

I’ve never known a butcher to throw ribs away?

lumpfish99 says:

@yoramaratesme the point of the show?…..yeah sure everyone i know has
their own pig…..just hanging around in their flat….you know chillin
with the ps3 ….maybe chuggin a few brews……!!! kickin back with the
other pigs from the hood……

lumpfish99 says:

@yoramaratesme s m a l l h o l d e r……….you mean people who hold
small pigs??? isnt that illegal??? it also sounds disgust…..ing……

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