Roasted Pork Loin with Garlic and Rosemary

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You can make a delicious roasted pork loin. It is easy to prepare. You need a pork loin, kosher salt, olive and some fresh rosemary for this delicious and juicy pork loin.

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ban nguyen says:

Do you recommend brim pork before roasting. Thanks

Dilan R says:

you rock i watsh 7 vid on howe to make and onli you help you are orsom

Red Dog says:

Just only really needed the exact cook time?

Oscar MaGurk says:

Love this Stephanie late to the show but awesome

Paddrick Smith says:

What's a good side for that rosemary and garlic pork loin a quick side preferably a cold side

jackie fitzpatrick says:

Should have cut roast open so we could see what it looked like. Would have made a better video to slice the meat and display it.

Hot & Tasty says:

Tasty !! i liked your recipe too much !!
Your cooking style is Superb !!

T4M Sim Racer 81 says:

Little too much salt for me (wifes diet) otherwise looks good.

Jim Gillenwater says:

Toooooo much dam salt

Neil Harte says:

I like it. But I wonder why you did not sear the meat for a couple of minutes on both sides in a skillet to seal in the juice first. When I don't do that it comes out a bit dry. You did not do that, but it still came out with a crispy brown color and "juicy" as you say. Perhaps your meat was of better quality? What do you think, Stephanie?

Burny'ice Fraysher says:

that was very nice and easy thank you

Josh S says:

Some chefs on here take 25 minutes to detail their recipes whilst, for whatever reason, you have no time to listen! I really like your simple direct approach which yields absolutely delicious results. Thank you!

Lemmy Killnicer says:

I have everything but the rosemary, I am not sure what I will throw in it but I am sure it will be bomb

Butterfly Diary says:

you didn't mention the temperature and time of cooking it in oven .

Carmen Chávez says:

Absolutely delicious five stars. Thank you

John w says:

Can you do a video on how to make homemade white biscuit gravy in a skillet… My Dad was good at it, but I never could get the knack….

Captain Salazar says:

Just used this video as a reference! Thank you and bless!

Genghis Khan (PUREBLOOD) says:

Never trust a chef that doesnt show you what the color of the meat is after . 350 if too high and to fast for a moist pirk loin roast. 275 for 2 hours is better

tim gonzalez says:

the larger pieces of garlic made a really nice rustic crust …good call

quiznex fisher says:

We didn't see the cut nor see how juicy it is! >:(

Evonne Powell says:

Didn’t tell what temperature to set the oven on.

Jmichael Isbell says:

About how long in the oven before you tested it? Thanks

Karena Andreasen says:

I actually did your recipe an I'm waiting to put in oven. How long for an temperature? 😍

Deccyboi says:

why not slice through it so we can see how well done it should be!

Arctic Gummibear says:

Well done. I'm using your suggestions…after watching 2 others!! :)

Tina Marie Payne says:

Burnt garlic…yum…🤮

Janet Baden says:

this turned out really good..thank you!! i had a 2 pound pork loin so i adjusted , really good flavor, everyone really liked it and it turned out moist but not undercooked..definitely making again

Art Edwards says:

After 12+ hours refrigerated and dressed in the garlic-rosemary marinade, I'm about to move my pork loin roast to the oven…hoping, PRAYING that I haven't overdone the garlic! I'll report back later. Thank you, Miss Stephanie!

Monk Abrahms says:

Came out dry 350 too much also I see you never brown your roast

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