Scotch Pies (the king of pies)

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How to make delicious Scotch pies, using hot water crust pastry, easy step by step instructions from start to finish.
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Scotch pie tins
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Written recipe here
Pork pies, 2 parter.
Part 1
Part 2

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Music used
Blue creek trail By Dan Lebowitz
Ibiza Dream by Chris Haugen
Tupelo Train by Chris Haugen
Lazy river rag By Dan Lebowitz
Front porch blues by Chris Haugen

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martin warner says:

Proper pies Sir. Thanks a very clear instructional video.

Mars Bolt says:

Brilliant. Thank you!

badass food says:

Anyone else picture a British Pooh bear?

Gary McKinnon says:

You can eat this if you're veggy too, just use quorn mince instead. Thanks Mr Kirkwood :)

Anonanon says:

I may giv ethis a go! I've not had a good Scotch Pie now since I was last in Scotland, some twenty years ago! There was a bakery in Maryhill in Glasgow that did delicious Scotch Pies. Miss that.

Rachael Thurley says:

Thanks for the recipe John, will have to try this for dinner one night :)

Evelyn Leach says:

When I was a child in Ontario, Canada, my mother would make Meat Pies that were undescribably delicious. I watched her make them, but I never paid attention to the ingredients she used. I was sad that I did not get the recipe from her before she passed, so I am delighted to have found your channel and this recipe in particular. I will substitute ground beef, mainly because I want to try to duplicate my mother's pies. But, I will absolutely try lamb, as well. I live in the U.S. now, but will carry Canada in my heart forever. I can't wait to try your other recipes as well. Bon appetit!

Ext2, Elle says:

I learned few tips…n great job. Neat n clever cook!
I use olive oil …n hard to get all ingredients here.
Great channel!!!
Saludos seƱor y gracias!!!!!

Zu Linsloo says:

Those oven gloves are SICK

Zu Linsloo says:

This is amazingly soothing. Excellent voice. Great background music. Excellent editing. Great camera angles. And most importantly, great food! Well done sir. Subbed

mill101 says:

So I'm just heading to bed and this video pops up in the algorithm….. I want one.

Winzenrieth Gilbert says:

What a nice and clear explanations. Chef, you are the best! I really enjoyed watching your video.

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