Seafood BBQ | Day Tripper by Bondi Harvest

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Welcome to the first episode of Day Tripper by Bondi Harvest, where we’re trekking to some of Sydney’s most gorgeous spots to cook up some some delicious, fr…

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Harry Bolten says:

shrimp on the barbie!

Wizzle Dizzle says:

Looks soo delicious!

Oscar Coyotl says:

awesome show dude, this was a totallity different, vey nice change of

L2 says:

True blue Aussie barbie.

Joao Paulo says:


Shostakovich33 says:

Congrats on becoming part of the Tastemade team! I’ve loved both of your
channels so I’m excited to see what you can do together. WOOP!

TheWinningSheen says:

Well done man great show

902will says:

An Aussie made it on Tastemade! Well done mate!

robotdogjoe says:

Love the new show

0birdflu0 says:

Best show on Tastemade hands down… A real cook showing proper technique
and explanation. Keep it going, brah.

Sarah c says:


IamDylanPhoenix says:

Thank you ma’am for announcing you’re comment status to us because we
totally couldn’t tell that you commented first. It could have been
intelligible or nice. But no. It was first.

Mi Shi says:

Moved to brisbane early this year and now I’m missing bronze so much, used
to visit every weekend.

Bondi Harvest says:

thanks Lori :)

lucy lopez says:

Pretty awesome

alohakiwi says:

you gorge! I am watching each episode faithfully and your accent,
YESSS…boy YESS!! lol..oh yea, the food looks good also.

BigMeat Sunday says:

7th ! yea!!!!!!!!!!! been ther, so awesome love that place

mirzapa says:

what camera are you using brosif?

CleverCreatives says:

oh wow. i knew u would become part of tastemade. well done mate.

louisa owuor says:

Thank you Tastemade! Awesome stuff.

MsMooyaa says:

yumm :) Awesome

Nirrr1000 says:

Yay for Bondi! Love that show!!

idontlikebadjokes says:

happy to come across this. love simple cooked seafood!

CheeseCakeMups says:

Next time we wanna see you eating what you cooked please!

Saphire Blue says:


Lisa Frame says:


Moontess says:

Oh man, I miss Australia so much…

Azemina Ay says:

Go Guy! XD

amandabot11 says:

Nooooo don’t get rid of hilah,’s Texas kitchen!

hytclover says:

This looks amazing!!!

Viony Tania says:

can’t wait to visit your restaurant next year!

Daniel Stone says:

Good job, man. I can’t wait to see more!

Gwyneth Christoffel says:

I’VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER for you to come onto tastemade! So happy

Lori Sun says:

yaaaay! love bondi harvest!

annieemarriee says:

nice! this reminds me of mercurio’s menu. love the aussies!

Jen Cheitel says:


Bondi Harvest says:

thanks Clever creatives :) super pumped to be with the taste made crew and
for this new series… had a wicked time filming this one :) .

pao williams says:

loved it!! i want to go there badly!! and the food looked so good and easy
to make! great new show

Karl Glenn says:

I really like this!

Lys Ng says:

AH. Finally Australia on the Map!

Nelly Chou says:

Bondi Harvest joins Tastemade. This is awesome!!!

Bondi Harvest says:

thanks dude, had a unreal time filming this one……. we’ve got some
unreal epps coming up :)

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