Seared Salmon With Lemon Butter Sauce – Pan Seared Salmon Recipe – Dishin’ With Di # 133

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Recipe: How to make Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce: Easy Pan Seared Salmon Recipe with Sauce! Recipe with instructions and measurements and many more video r…

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reno singh says:

Hated watching you enjoy that Salmon! I am so hungry now… Gonna try this
tonight. Thank you so much for this recipe. Sounds perfect for lazy people
like me :D

RODRIGUEZ Imposible says:

omg love it…whats the lemon butter sauce recipe? didnt heard well please

Donna Gambrell says:

I Absolutely Love Salmon!! I Must Say That This Recipe Looks Absolutely
Amazing. This Is Definitely A Must Try !! Thank U For The Share !! 

Nigel Chrichlow says:

I cooked this today it was truly a delight, complemented it with
Vegetable/Beans – Basmati Rice and Broccoli stir fried in Garlic, Ginger
and Pimento, my pics are on Facebook, thank you for sharing your lovely
dishes Di.

DespicableTori says:

Is there a good substitute for the white wine? I’m 16.

Justin Scott says:

I looked like the man after cooking tonights dinner!! You’re rad Di.
Gotta see what you can do on the grill!

Randomhero321HD says:

Is there anything I can use in place of the white wine?? Looks delish!

notogoogleplus says:

Thanks very much for sharing. 

Jarvize Green says:

i had this bookmarked until i was able to get a hold of some fresh
salmon… looks delicious and i will update with finished product… cant
wait… looks absolutely delicious….

Crysela Smith says:

very simple yet delicious, even though I have not tried it yet.

Anna Bahrami says:

OMG!!! I just cooked that,it was awesome and delicious. Thank you so much! 

notogoogleplus says:

I just made this seared salmon and it was fantastic! It was truly Mmmmmm! I
will definitely add this to my fave go to recipes. 

Paulin Zambali says:

Lord have mercy! This is sooo delicious

Julie Cespedes says:

yum i just bumped into ur chanel! so glad i did!!!

Clarissa Mallari says:

hi di..thank you for your recipe i tried it and its really tasty even my
boyfriend enjoyed it..;)

jilleeno says:

Thank your Diane, you saved me a lot of stress. I am having a dinner party
tomorrow. I usually bake my salmon, but I couldn’t figure out my new oven.
I landed on your site to watch how to grill salmon. From your video, I
cooked a test piece. Oh my gosh, that is the best salmon I have ever
tasted. I am a pretty good cook but you saved me tonight. I will cook with
confidence tomorrow for my guests, thanks to you!!!

Gladys Ramos says:

Can I replace the white wine with something else..I would like to do this
recipe looks yummy.

Dak Burton says:

I’m only 16 and it was simple, easy and tasted great my mom liked it too
thank you di!

MiamiJato says:

Looks good D

Queen Bee says:

Can we use Red wine instead of white?

jonquelle sanders says:

Simple and it looks delicious !!

theresa bollman says:

Thank God we have salmon and fresh lemons in the house! Just what we need
for supper tonight, thank you.

bamboogirl82 says:

Instead of butter can I use margarine?

Shapla Koli says:

Is there anything (e.g. vinegar) to replace the white wine?

FitAnge S says:

Hi Di. That salmon looks fantastic. Awesome sauce too.

TheWolfePit says:

Very nice Di!! YUMMY!!

Shirashayn's says:

Do, how are you using a cast iron pan on a glass top stove? My stove top
would crack.

SashineB says:

I love the onscreen “Mmmmm”! I haven’t had salmon in a while, but this is
how I will make it the next time. I think the lemon and white wine sauce
would be really nice with this, and the salmon looked so juicy. Thanks for
sharing, Diane!!

Louis Chan says:

Nice, but you don’t necessary to pat it with flour. If you cook with skin,
I will pan fry the skin first to make it crispy salmon.

googo151 says:

You’d make my life a little easier if you were actually in my life, what a
babe you are, and you can cook too. Cheers!

Elijah Phoenix says:

Seared Salmon With Lemon Butter Sauce – Pan Seared Recipe 

Abdulaziz R. Arromaih says:

Looks amazing. I will try it very soon.

mbchudno says:

doesn’t lemon juice ruins seasoning on cast iron?

Jaime Medrano says:

Hi Diane how come you didn’t add capers?

seanj561 says:

what can i use instead of wine? i don’t drink alcohol.

abi barli says:

i’ve been try this one exactly the same as you said with all those
ingredient, the taste so extremely sour because of wine and lemon, i dont
like it! 

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