Secret red beans and rice recipe

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Better than Popeye because it has smoked sausage added

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Lurvz says:

I came across your profile and found it very interesting.

Love the passion that you are sharing with the world your love for food and making them. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•

We just launched our handcrafted kitchen utensils on Amazon, would love to send it to you to try it out!

Will you be keen?

blueovaltrucker says:

Obviously you enjoy cooking, JB, but if you haven't already tried Better Than Bullion…you really should give it a try. Its a lot like this stuff and they have a bunch of different flavors like mushroom, sauteed onion, beef, ham, vegetable, sauteed garlic, chili, lobster, sea food, chicken and a few others too. They're all condensed pastes as well.

blueovaltrucker says:

I say..I say…. where ya been boy!

TheDustysix says:

Hi. Your channel is great. I have seen in one of my other channels I subscribe to, that uses Goya Ham base packets. I just looked it up! A Grandpa made the best split pea soup. Granddaughter got his recipe. Goya Ham Base packets. Goya Foods is a PRO AMERICAN Company. My PR and Cuban friends introduced me to the brand many years ago.

Richie Ellison says:

I love red beans!!!

Kaye's Favorite Things says:

Gonna try this!! Thank you!!!

Bob Shepherd says:

Thanks JB for the tip! ordered up $15 bucket from amazon

von newell says:

how much salt pur tablespoon

J.French Rennier says:

Hey Shah, made an Amazon order for 2 of dis Ham base to try out. We eats lots of da Red Beans & rice specially in Louisiana cold months.
Likes Popeyes but the container keeps getting smaller while the price gets way to high on jus beans & rice. Their chicken is also as small as a game hen.
Do enjoys the channel, bout time real CAss made video making real CAss food & not New Orleans specials which are Creole.
BTW – Ville Platte area.

stevek917 says:

Popeyes red bean and rice are just bad.

cayogator says:

stop shakin it around and tell us shelf life in frig! lol

Raphael Tran says:

if you can't find that…find 'better than bouillon' ham base. that's my secret go to.

Digital Sparks says:

Ordered me two of them just now, I already know it's good cause JB ain't No Practice Cook… Gonna send one to my Momma!

Mary Ellen Rossi says:

I love Camellia beans…..they are the best!!! Thanks for letting me know about them!!

skoggit says:

Hey JB, I'm going to have to look for that ham base. I eat a lot of beans since my diabetes so this would really make them good. Thanks for sharing! Stay Safe & Take Care!

G Moore says:

I found an 8 ounce jar of this in Australiaโ€ฆ they want 60 dollars for it! ๐Ÿฅบ


I do love me a big plate of red beans & rice. I'll be checking out that ham base JB. Hope all is going well on your end my friend!!! Much love to ya!!!

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