Shirataki Noodles | 3 Delicious and Healthy Japanese Recipes

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shirataki noodles may just be your new favorite ingredient. and the reason is… if you havent yet tried them, here’s three of my favorite shirataki recipes to give a try! oh yea and theyre a little jiggly too. 💃🕺 and as you watch the video through to the end youll learn a few of my tips for making these and other shirataki recipes a delicious success!

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👉 shirataki noodles have several names. you may have seen them as miracle noodles, OR ito konnyaku OR yam noodles. confused? say so long because now you know all of the different names shirataki noodles go by. these jiggly shirataki or ‘white waterfall’ (translated from japanese 白滝) come in brown too.

🙄 aside from the color the two don’t taste much different. so dont worry if you cant get one or the other👍

🚩 if you’ve ever had japanese hot pot (鍋物) like sukiyaki (すき焼き), shabu shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ) you might have had these noodles. and did you know… theyre virtually zero calorie? (which is why theyre also called miracle noodles) 奇跡だって。。。

and since they dont have much flavor, they can be used in a variety of different ways! esepecially in japanese dishes – both main and side dishes okazu. plus theyre plant based being made from the konjac plant just like the block version konnyaku こんにゃく!

so in todays video we make the shirataki noodles it in 3 unique and delicious ways. the first is a shirataki noodle soup, the second is a shirataki stir fry with shoyu koji and the third is a warm shirataki salad, also works chilled as well – totally up to you!

🤔 have you cooked with shirataki noodles yet? if so howd you use them? and if not which of these shirataki dishes will you try first?

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all day i eat like a shark says:

🤔 have you cooked with shirataki noodles yet? if so howd you use them? and if not which of these shirataki dishes will you try first?

steve says:

Have you ever considered soaking the shirataki noodles with rice protein? I haven't tried it~ but protein powders generally have the taste of the product they were derived from. I imagine you could add the rice "flavoring" by cooking or soaking them together :-)

Elsa&lisa says:

Can you make chop chay with shirataki noodles?

I Henmark says:

Great recipes! Thank you so much for sharing!

MoonCake says:

Hey, first time watching your video AND first time cooking with Shirataki noodle. I made a vegetable soup with kombu dashi and tsuyu, and added the noodle. The texture of noodle threw me off a bit but its "negative calorie"!, so why not? :) I enjoyed your video, so I subscribed. Keep up the good work!

Nicole Burns says:

I mostly just stir fry the shirataki noodles or I add in soups mostly I just use soja sauce little oyster sauce little sesam oil and ginger and garlic for the sweetness little hoisin sauce what i add whit the noodles are mostly pak Choi, onions, carrots,red bell pepper and egg whit cooking sake I dont know if mirin is the same but I couldn't find it so I thought a good alternative

Melanie Jacobs says:

I've had a package of shirataki noodles in my fridge for an embarrassingly long amount of time as I've been too intimidated by them (and I'm not intimated by many noodles, having grown up with an Italian step-dad and having developed an opinion or six about noodles) to try them, but this has inspired! grazie!

Jessica Freedman says:

Great vid! I am new to Keto so I am still learning the ropes, I recently downloaded the Keto Babe Bakes App (which has been a lifesaver) it reminds me of some stuff you mentioned in this vid. I will have to add your channel to my newbie arsenal! Thanks for the content! 🤗

Sharon Huxford says:

I love them, good for you, tasty and can be made many ways. Also is your saucepan Lodge, mine looks just like that lol

MrArrex says:

Here before your sub count blows up. Nice video!

Ella Hopper says:

these look amazing thank you for sharing!

Viva Habbit Van Assen says:

your food looks so good but baby you speak so fast but I will continue to follow you because I really enjoy Japanese food so much.

Butterfly Jones says:

I really enjoyed this video! Thank you for sharing such yummy, healthy simple meals in such a fun way!

JJ says:

yes kelp noodles are made from kelp. crunchy, long, interesting.

Linoleum Fleur says:

I've made SO many soups and noodle dishes with shirataki noodles! It's one of the few exotic things our Wal-Mart carries! (I the produce aisle usually!) I love the bounciness of the noodles, and the low calorie count! Having to cut them is a small price to pay!

I can't wait to experiment with these recipes! They look so tasty!

RoxStarBakes says:

This makes me sooo hungry!! This video is so entertaining and informative!! Can't wait for the next video 😀

JJ says:

you're very funny! yes got inspired, thank you! & thanks for the lemon hit !

JJ says:

for sure i'm getting these and will try.

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