Silken Tofu with Soy Sauce, Onion & Garlic | Asian Side Dishes | Easy Asian Cooking

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This is easily the most common tofu dish we make at our house, and it never fails to convert anybody who might be suspicious of tofu (or worse still, claim that tofu is tasteless.) It’s ready from start to finish in 5 minutes.

Get the full recipe here:

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purringinmyear says:

Thanks Adam. Never thought about using tofu in this way. Could you please make more vegan or vegetarian recipes. Thank you

Tine Lammens says:

This was so delicious! Thank you! This will become a regular dish at our place.

Norma Wingo says:

There’s gonna be a party going on in my mouth when I make this, yum!

Cook Leo says:

Magic! Just the video I was looking for

vaibhav jain says:

Can we use olive oil?

Antoni says:

So I'm new to the channel, and it's a great video, but I was deeply distracted by the following;

– Felt like a green screen
– Music is Spa levels of chill
– Weird zoom shots at random stuff
– Exceptionally high resolution
– Deeply aesthetic equipment

I don't know whether I've born witness to one of the most beautiful cooking videos ever created, or I'm the victim of subliminal messaging.

I feel so conflicted; am I a content consumer, or an unsuspecting sleeper agent?

Ricardo Garcia says:

Thanks mate!

A Petrang says:

I made this dish from another video I watched.
Your recipe looks much better with the browning of the onion and garlic.
Would you consider adding a touch of miso for added flavor? And cutting back on the oil, but adding just a touch of sesame oil at the end?
Please, would love your advice… Cheers Chef πŸ™

Simpson says:

The sauce is amazing, but i don't like the cold tofu.

tony2000and10 says:

I met Jesus with the help of that background music.

Michelle Collie says:

Can you do a video on making tofu at home, from silken to firm?

msshoepergirl says:

I tried thisss just now and it was so so so sooooo gooooooodd oh my.. 😍😍😍 thanks for the recipe chef!

Giancarlo McAllister says:

Fair dinkum that looks amazing. I can't wait to make this at home. Was wondering if that was a copper sauce pot you were using and is that to help control the temperature better? Cheers mate.

Zeah Lessley says:

I thought it was delicious, my partner from Iowa on the other hand couldn't get over the texture/temperature combo of the tofu 😞 More for me I guess πŸ™‚

Gianna Guazzo says:

Omg i just tried this it’s so yummy!!

WaiWai says:

the music just makes the entire video so much more relaxing; great video!

Chan Huey Ling says:

This is my favourite dish. I cooked fourth times a week. Easy, fast and protein food

Jessica Weatherspoon says:

This is an amazing recipe. I will try soon

Maria Emelda Sisperez says:

Hi Chef Adam, I am doing this every now and then as it became the fave dish of my kids, thank you for being my inspiration, surviving this pandemic by selling what i am cooking from what I learned from your you tube, at least we have food to eat in our table, I just cooked over from the order so I can care it with my kids. So hard to be a single mom but I can still managed. I just wish I had my wok …some of my consumers said that I have to put up Resto but I know it's a big No No for now, have to earn and learn more from you, God bless, domo arigato.

Colby Ttowahso says:

My favourite tofu dish as I'm cantonese.

ι­” says:

does anyone know where could I get an awesome saucepan like this one? Λ‹( Β° ▽、° )

profpoppinfresh says:

Good thing we have that extreme hand held zoom otherwise I woulda had no idea how to dice an onion.

Eat With Us says:

I just had this at a Japanese restaurant and I'm craving ittttttt πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ thank you

fat cat on couch says:

Just made this. So gooood. Thank you.

Rabpit says:

is adam wearing an AP?


Too much soya sause😟

Zero Hazard Trading says:

Hi again Chef Adam…i nade it lsst night right after I aatched this….guess what? Everybody loves it and they wanted more but i just have 3 blocks of Tofu…today I msde the sweet snd sour pork, by the way, i added black vinegar and oyster sauce and chinese wine as that is only available in here. Thank you for keeping me inspired and giving me new idea everytime i watched your you tube channel…i just wish I could neet you in person once you had the chance to visit Philippines again. Mabuhay!!! Keep safe you all.

David Nakamura says:

The detail of the techniques and methods on your channel are so much better than pretty much every other channel which just seem to repeat the same information over and over again

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